Brandon Craft

Master's Degree, Mathematics and Statistics


East Carolina University


TEAS7 & Nursing School


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About, Brandon Craft

Anyone who knows Brandon knows that mathematics is not just a profession but an integral part of his identity. With over 15 years of teaching experience as a college math instructor, Brandon’s love and dedication to the subject is evident. In short, mathematics is not just a subject for Brandon, but a way of life that he is eager to share with others. He thoroughly enjoys his profession and shows it proudly on his license plate - I DO MATH.

Brandon also enjoys spending quality time with his son. The two of them love going to amusement parks and water parks together, and also do tae kwon do as a team. They also enjoy spending time with their dog. When the weather is nice, outdoor activities like basketball, tailgating, landscaping, grilling, and relaxing in his backyard swimming pool and hot tub occupy his time. He listens to all types of music on Spotify and is an avid fan of his alma mater - East Carolina Pirates.

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Farah Guillobel

12 hours ago

I have watched Bronson Craft YouTube videos I like his style of teaching. Booking the tutoring one one session was even better I like the way he explained each of the math questions in details . He is a great tutor specifically for the TEAS I would encourage anyone who struggle in math to book a session with him he is very patient and respectful believe me you will be satisfied with his teaching style . Thank you Archer Review and Brandon Craft . Keep up the good work I know I will definitely need your help for Med Dosage once I start nursing school

Denise Castillo

2 months ago

Such an amazing tutor and so thankful to receive much-needed information. He gives you great feedback, walks you through how to solve problems, and gives you tips on how to save time when solving. I am beginning to study for the TEAs and didn't know much about the math portion but Brandon was extremely helpful and informed me about the problems I might see and how to work through them. I would highly recommend working with Brandon, overall such a great experience!!!!!!!

Ebony Jasmine

2 months ago

I'm feeling CONFIDENT about taking the TEAS exam!!! YESSSS Brandon went over the areas I struggled in and explained so that I was able to comprehend the problems ordering decimals, fractions, percentages, and pie problems. Brandon's technique on how to look at the numbers is what really helped me understand it better. 10 out of 10 I recommend Brandon!!!!

Kacy Anne

2 months ago

I am so elated with my results from tutoring with Brandon. I am not good at math. However, I learned how to do dimensional analysis through him . My sessions were extremely helpful and I was able to score a 95 on my math calculation test. I highly recommend Brandon if you are struggling with med mad calculations especially for Nursing school students .