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Jessica LaVancher

7 hours ago

Listening to the video lectures were so helpful for a refresher on areas I was weak on. The practice CAT exams and readiness exams were amazing!!! I learn best from taking practice exams over and over...See More

Susmita Thapa

14 hours ago

Dear Archer Team, I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for the invaluable support your platform has provided me during my NCLEX preparation journey. I am thrilled to share that I completed my exam ...See More

Olga Gudyma

17 hours ago

Archer provided an excellent questions and videos to review the materials I have learned in the nursing school in the last two years . Passes the exam in 85 questions!

Karen Garcia

a day ago

I recommend Archer to prepare for the NCLEX. You have access to more than 2000 questions, many 600 + are NGEN-style questions. I used only Archer to prepare for the NCLEX and took many readiness asse...See More

Austin Barrus

a day ago

I was very nervous about taking the NCLEX Next Gen, after utilizing the 2000+ question bank and their readiness assessments I had a renewed confidence in myself that I could do this! I passed the NCLE...See More

Shane Weir

a day ago

I passed my NCLEX in 85 questions because of archer! I found my exam very straightforward and easy because of archer. The NCLEX looked extremely similar to archer's CAT exam so that helped relieve som...See More

Kenia Arteaga

a day ago

Hello to the Archer team. My name is Kenya, I have been using Archer for a month, every day, watching lectures, taking exams: tutorial, assessment and Cat. My exam will be in April and my effort is do...See More

Ambreen Saleh

a day ago

Thank you Archer for helping me prepare for my NCLEX. I did exam on 13 Feb 2024 and my exam shut off at 85 questions and today I got email from the board that I got my license.

Madison Chester

a day ago

Archer Review helped me not only feel prepared for the NCLEX but also helped me assess my understanding of the material. Because of Archer Review I passed the NCLEX in 85 questions!

Maria SanJuan Ortega

a day ago

Passed my NCLEX at 85 questions with Archer Review! I used their on-demand videos and their testbank to help me pass my NCLEX. I prioritized watching their on-demand videos that covered the main topic...See More

Michelle Sinishtaj

a day ago

Archer Review helped me pass my NCLEX on the first try. It was through the readiness assessments, videos and tutors that I gained the confidence needed to pass. Thank you to all of you at Archer for...See More

Chidinma Onyekwere

a day ago

I passed my Nclex test at one sitting with the help of Archer review. The 3days sure pass is all I used and it really helped me in my preparation. The question bank, CBT and readiness assessment helpe...See More

Uzoma Igwegbe

a day ago

The Archer review is very good , I did a lot of readiness tests and CAT. My confidence was enhanced by these tests and I passed my NCLEX the first and one time. Thank you Archer… your tests are top no...See More

Stephanie Sankey

a day ago

I passed my NClex exam on the first try I used the archer review calendar πŸ“… the videos and 2 days of private tutoring. I took my test Feb 17th it stopped at 85 questions. Thanks Archer review!

Stephanie Sankey

a day ago

Archer is a great tool to use for the NClex I passed my exam on my first try. Thanks Archer Review!