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Delve into our treasure trove of inspiring testimonials from successful NCLEX students. Witness firsthand how Archer Review's bespoke exam preparation tools and resources have transformed their NCLEX journey, powering them to achieve their career dreams.





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Donna Lewis

8 hours ago

I passed the NCLEX! Thank you so much ArcherReview! I completed all the questions in the Q bank and the videos were extremely helpful! Would highly recommend!

Madison Ruiz

9 hours ago

I used archer for about 1 month prior to taking my NCLEX. I also attended the 3-day NCLEX prep crash course about 1 week before I took my NCLEX. I took four readiness assessments and got four “Very hi...See More

Muhammed Cham

10 hours ago

The Best Prep Program I graduated from nursing school in December 2018. I enrolled in the intensive prep course with Archer on April 24th, 2024, and took my NCLEX on June 20th, 2024. During this two...See More

Peewee Dayang

a day ago

2008 international graduate here. Thank you ARCHER REVIEW I PASSED MY NCLEX RN on FIRST TRY! The review material, recorded lectures and qbanks are all helpful. For a 24/7 wife, mother of a preschooler...See More

Hydjie Voltaire

a day ago

I passed my NCLEX in 85 questions!!! 10/10 recommend!!! I did the 6-week study plan and the 3-day live review.

Chayna Alonzo

a day ago

I am a 2nd test taker and Archer really helped me fulfill my dream. I can't believe I passed the test at 85 questions. I was out of Nursing for 16 years and the on-demand videos refreshed my memory on...See More

Kathrina Fernando

a day ago

I can't believed that I made it to pass the NCLEX by God's grace and with the help of ARCHER!!! Highly recommended to watch all on demand videos as well as the lives. CATs and Readiness assessment al...See More

Brooke Reed

a day ago

Archer was a great review from what I learned in nursing school, and even just a month of studying every day helped me freshen up my knowledge and build confidence for taking my NCLEX-RN. I passed my ...See More

Diana Garfias

a day ago

I want to start off and say I regret not getting Archer sooner! I purchased it roughly a little over three weeks before I was scheduled to take my NCLEX. I purchased Archer 5/25/24 and my NCLEX was sc...See More

Ellie Hughes

a day ago

Helped so much!! Feel like this was the game changer for the NCLEX

Madison Schroeder

2 days ago

Passed on my first try! Questions were structured exactly like the NCLEX and had similarly worded questions! Highly recommend!

Trinity Edwards

2 days ago

Wow! What a great resource for preparing for the NCLEX. I loved the on demand lectures and the great practice questions to test my knowledge I truly believe I won’t have been as prepared nor successfu...See More

Ola Aye

2 days ago

I used Archer for 5weeks on preparation for this ALMIGHTY NCLEX. Archer helped me in having deep understanding of how things happened in the system and how important it is to understanding some adject...See More

Jacqueline Gonzalez

2 days ago

I loved archer!!!!! I passed NCLEX in 85 questions, the format is so similar and the rationals really helped me understand the content!! 10/10 recommend!!

Ciera Yocum

2 days ago

I passed my NCLEX-RN because of Archer. I did multiple readiness assessments everyday up until my exam. I done them until I scored highs & very highs on them. The NCLEX format looks exactly like Arche...See More