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Desiree Scott

4 hours ago

As I was in my last semester of nursing school, I heard about archer from previous class mates. They told me how archer was very similar to the NCLEX and helped many pass first try. I used archer for...See More

Amy Roxas

2 days ago

I only purchased archer in preparation for my NCLEX-RN, I purchased their surepass combo, archer helped me a lot to pass my NCLEX, today I just found out that I passed may exam Thank you so much arche...See More

Malaya Santos

2 days ago

I passed the NCLEX in 85 questions! Archer’s formatting mirrors the exam and prepares you for all of the different types of case studies and questions styles that you might encounter. I would recommen...See More

Bethany Tshiupula

2 days ago

Archer was the perfect addition to my NCLEX-PN prep. I watched videos where in my weak areas, and tested very high on all readiness assessments. I'm happy to say I passed the NCLEX on the first try! A...See More

Sumnima Rai

3 days ago

I’m thrilled that I used Archer! On my first attempt, I passed with an 85. I followed the 6-week plan and attended almost all the lectures. Most of the questions I encountered on the NCLEX were simila...See More

TinyJustine Gabato

3 days ago

Reviewing online with Archer has been a great tool in passing the NCLEX. I purchased the 6 months review and watched to each video. I practice answering the Qbanks too. Result was really great after. ...See More

Gabrielle Baumann

3 days ago

Archer prepared me to take the NCLEX, not only with their practice tests and question banks that mimicked the NCLEX questions extremely closely, but with great lectures and study guides that broke inf...See More

Tiffany Au-Yeung

3 days ago

Archer was very helpful to me in passing NCLEX new gen on the first try! After wrapping up nursing school, I slowly started attending live lectures every day for a few weeks to get my mind prepped and...See More

Fildaus Mohammed

3 days ago

Passed on my first try with sure pass combo. Exams shut off at 85 questions. I had more than 4 very high on readiness assessments which really helped.

Gagandeep Kaur

3 days ago

I want to express my gratitude for imparting your knowledge to all of us and for all the encouragement, which helped me pass my exam in first attempt. I have studied only archerreview qbank combo and ...See More

Alycia Feliciano

3 days ago

I have been using archer for over a year to help with my classes. I loved it then and I loved it even more when I used it to study for the NCLEX. I followed the 6 week plan and passed my NCLEX the fir...See More

Charisse Hardy

3 days ago

I just recently took my NCLEX on July 12 and passed on my first try in 150 questions. Archer is a great tool to use to prepare for NCLEX. When you do your practice questions, Archer will give you rati...See More

Taylor Pirkle

3 days ago

I was using another NCLEX study service and felt like I was not receiving enough high quality question so I switched to Archer. I purchased the question bank plan. I was impressed with how thorough it...See More

Ratna Chanda

3 days ago

passed my Nclex first try with 86 Questions! Archer review is best and I recommend to everyone!!!

Anmol Bajwa

3 days ago

Well I passed my NCLEX-RN!!!....I started doing Archer exclusively 2.5 weeks before my exam date and my practise comprised of CAT and self assessments and I finished the exam in 85 Qs. I found the NCL...See More