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Maricel Acain

9 hours ago

After failed attempts I finally passed with 85 questions. Thank you Archer!!!!

MaryLuz Salvador

21 hours ago

I pursued sitting immediately for another exam after failing my first attempt for NCLEX (March 28,2024). Everyday I took the Readiness Assessments as my basis of my mental capability and also it appe...See More

Sumaila Moro Nalle

a day ago

Archer content reviews are the best in the market when it comes to NCLEX. Your Question bank gave me the perfect picture of how the NCLEX looks like. I will recommend archer for every NCLEX candidate....See More

Amarachukwu Okoye

a day ago

I just passed my nclex, it was exactly like archer cat and assessment. It was as if I was taking archer....I stopped at 85 questions like cat assessment... Thank you for everything and the entire a...See More

Caroline Njoroge

a day ago

I passed my exam with 85 questions first time taker. I used archer three weeks plan and I would recommend for archer especially questions and videos

Ravinder Patel

a day ago

I found most useful thing was readiness assesment test and CAT test. Which help me alot for exam and build my confidence , finally i passed my exam at 85 question . Thank you archer

Lorin Madera

a day ago

Archer was such a helpful step in passing the NCLEX. It provided questions that of course weren’t exactly on the NCLEX but were very close to how the NCLEX was structured! I only studied archer for ab...See More

Richard Cheruiyot

a day ago

I passed my NCLEX after using archer for 60 days. Archer is a perfect tool to passing NCLEX. I’m so grateful to archer for the support

Yasmin Uyag

a day ago

Thank you Archer for helping me prepared for my NCLEX exam. I PASSED in 85 questions last May 17th. During my exam I was really nervous but felt confident because I believed I was ready to take the ex...See More

Alexis Jay

a day ago

Passed my NCLEX in 85 questions using Archer for two weeks! Watched some of the on demand videos on topics I was weak in, and made sure I was confident using the CAT exams!

Chisom Agba

a day ago

Archer review has been one of the best platforms i’ve used so far , i love the 6 weeks plan and i’m currently on it . I hope to use archer review till i write my nclex. The questions bank and the 3 da...See More

Justine Franklin

a day ago

I started Archer during my 3rd semester and used it up until I passed NCLEX!! It was the only program I used to study and passed with 85 questions! I love how the platform looks like the NCLEX and the...See More

Roslon Bacchus

2 days ago

I passed the NCLEX RN in 85 questions!! Thank you Archer Review :)

Leslie Alvarado

2 days ago

Got my ATT 4/26, exam scheduled 5/21. Passed in 85 using Archer! Archer’s format mimicked the NCLEX making me feel confident in the way I was testing, the rationales were so helpful in the way it help...See More

Tichu Jacob

2 days ago

Archer is the best study to open new life.Extremily wow.