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About, Cait Capablanca

Preparing for the NCLEX can be the most stressful part of your nursing journey. Book a private tutor session with me and I’ll work with you to turn that stress into knowledge. Every session with me is built around your learning styles and needs. I graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada in 2017 so the experience of writing the NCLEX is still fairly fresh in my memory, while having gained valuable experience in the clinical setting that drives my passion to teach. I have worked in ER and ICU for the last 5 years, receiving my Critical Care Nursing certificate in 2021. I look forward to sharing the tricks that I used when studying for the NCLEX as well as practical knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my career in ER and ICU. I love travelling, which led me to work abroad in Australia, rock climbing, and helping others succeed!


Ryerson University

  • BSN

Worked as a bedside nurse in

  • Intensive Care Unit

  • Emergency Room

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5 days ago

Cait’s classes are super helpful. She’s really good at explaining case studies and she does an awesome Pharma tricks class. She makes tough topics easy to understand. If you want to get better at Cardio and pharm, Cait’s classes are perfect for you. You’ll learn a lot and feel more confident after attending her lectures.

Theresa Sampson

6 days ago

Cait's pharmacology tips and tricks are the perfect tools to add to my memory bank. I now feel prepared for a successful NCLEX exam. Thank's Cait!

Amanda Moode

6 days ago

I struggle with pharmacology. Caits Pharmacology Memory Tricks session was so helpful. I feel a lot more confident answering pharmacology questions on the NCLEX! I also attended her Prioritization session. She had great tips for answering priority questions! Thank you so much, Cait!

Luisa Lucas

13 days ago

my first time

Thomas Nyirongo

15 days ago

My experience was great

Darlene Evangelista Ubaldo

20 days ago

Thanks to Ms Cait . I joined her tutoring for a small group about specialties and it helped me a lot in remembering the key points for OB &Peds. I even emailed her and she responded to me with great tips, which is to do the deep breathing 😮‍💨 with 5 seconds exhalation.. it really worked! Thanks again for being part of my NCLEX journey .. more power to you and the team Archer!!!

Asmerom Ghirmai

a month ago

I want to know if I am ready for the exam

Richa Deo

a month ago


Lovepreet Kaur

a month ago

It was helpful

Marie J Celestin

a month ago