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Preparing for the NCLEX can be the most stressful part of your nursing journey. Book a private tutor session with me and I’ll work with you to turn that stress into knowledge. Every session with me is built around your learning styles and needs. I graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada in 2017 so the experience of writing the NCLEX is still fairly fresh in my memory, while having gained valuable experience in the clinical setting that drives my passion to teach. I have worked in ER and ICU for the last 5 years, receiving my Critical Care Nursing certificate in 2021. I look forward to sharing the tricks that I used when studying for the NCLEX as well as practical knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my career in ER and ICU. I love travelling, which led me to work abroad in Australia, rock climbing, and helping others succeed!


Ryerson University

  • BSN

Worked as a bedside nurse in

  • Intensive Care Unit

  • Emergency Room

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Dale Faith Allwood

10 days ago

Elizabeth is very thorough, uplifting and informative with her sessions. She keeps it simple and easy enough to understand the topics and gave a lot of NCLEX strategies. I also love the way she teaches and give emphasis on the things I need to remember. Really really awesome tutor!

Dale Faith Allwood

10 days ago

The pharmacology pneumonics private group is a fun way of memorizing medications which helped me a lot since I struggle memorizing some of the medications. I highly recommend this group session! <3

Alice Pastaie

11 days ago

She’s the best !!!

Esther Abosede

15 days ago


Alice Pastaie

17 days ago

Cait is very good !

Bobbie Floresca

23 days ago

Ms. Cait provided really helpful memory tricks during our pharmacology tutoring. Now I'm a level higher in remembering drugs not just by names but also in what it does to the body and its side effects.

Hallie Maloney

a month ago

I booked a small group tutoring session with Cait for pharmacology memory tricks. She provided extremely helpful information and made the session interactive. I would definitely recommend booking with Cait!

Jemeica Freckleton

a month ago

Ms Cait is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Her pharmacology memory tricks were relatable and will definitely stick! Mnemonics don’t work for everyone; but the way she explains it, makes you think and you can sort through the appropriate signs and symptoms,by remembering her scenarios. She had an easiness about her; and it makes you less intimidated about the subject at hand. Although short I enjoyed the session!

Santie Steyn

2 months ago

Great Respiratory session, knowledgeable and clear in explaining - great Tutor, her sessions highly recommended.

ShuQui Autrey

2 months ago

Another great session with Ms. Cait she pointed out some cool and interesting things and ways to remember medications. I highly recommend.


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