Megan Miller



Waynesburg University


Nursing School, NCLEX RN & PN

About, Megan Miller

I have been a nurse since 2007 after obtaining my BSN right out of high school. I worked in pediatrics as a NICU staff nurse for many years before moving into emergency medicine. I found my passion for education in 2013 when I advanced my education with my MSN and most recently my DNP. I understand the pressures of nursing school while trying to manage a career and family. The stress of preparing and successfully taking the NCLEX is the most challenging part of your nursing career journey! I love helping students achieve their goals so let me help ease that stress and anxiety.

I enjoy reading, traveling, and spending time with my husband and 2 kids.

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Kate Coughlin

20 days ago

Megan was wonderful! She boosted my confidence and helped me plan for the exam. I highly recommend meeting with her.

Samantha Louis-Jeune

20 days ago

Megan is not an ordinary tutor, she is very hands on and a very helpful one. I’ve had 4 sessions with Megan and I’ve improved so much when it comes to dissecting the questions to picking the correct answer. Megan does not make you feel like you should know the material or get down on you because you don’t know it. Megan is so honest that sometimes she will even say “oh wow I didn’t even know that.” Which makes me appreciate her even more because of her honesty. I am pretty sure Archer has amazing tutors but my experience with Megan was beyond 5 stars and I truly appreciate all of her help.

Celeste Knighton

22 days ago

her review was awesome! very helpful. although it was a lot of content and we went through it very fast, she was still able to make time for us to have questions and review topics we did not feel confident about!


23 days ago

Very productive felt confident with material was able to understand Slides

Erica Saintil

a month ago

I loved the 2 hour lecture review it was very informative and it refreshed my memory of the topics I learned in nursing school.

Mark Ramirez

a month ago

Megan was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the NGN and how to properly dissect the question. She was patient with key concepts that are needed to understand and that a tests taker may see.

Akemi Hill

2 months ago

I enjoyed my session. Megan was very understanding and patient with me. She made me feel like I can achieve my goal and that I’m right there on the right path to pass my Nclex.

Synthia Perrin

2 months ago

Megan is very understanding, if you ask her to go back and explain she will! older adult learner. very patient and kind!

Prim Canete

2 months ago

More friendly scheduling for tutor

Almyra Wagenknecht

2 months ago



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