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About, Rachel Taylor

My name is Rachel Taylor I have experience in intensive care nursing and have always had a passion for education. This led me to being an Academic Success Tutor for a BSN program. From my experience there I became very passionate about test taking skills and test anxiety, an area I see many students struggle with. I love helping students find different tools to be successful. I look forward to working with you!


Missouri Valley College

  • BSN

Nursing Educator

  • Specifically the test anxiety / strategy etc.

Worked as a bedside nurse in

  • Intensive Care Unit

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Jazmine Fernandez

a month ago


Dorcas Obosu

a month ago


Jane Lorraine

2 months ago

Their teachings are very organized and easy to understand. Very supportive that you won’t get anxious till your exams. Her passion in teaching you will make you pass your exam. Very dedicated to make you an RN. Thank you😘

Tsion Abera

2 months ago


Fatou Touray

4 months ago

Great tutoring session

Tarsem Saini

5 months ago

Excellent teaching by Rachel, I am highly recommending. She has provided us great knowledge about Prioritization in order to select answer based on ABC & Maslow's Physiological & Safety needs of clients. I have also took two classes on SATA & MOCK Questionnaires and Rationales from Rachel, those lectures enhanced great information to me . I love her supportive and encouraging way to generate knowledge in order to prepare for RN-NCLEX Exam.

Tarsem Saini

5 months ago

I am highly recommending Rachel because she demonstrate all difficult situations regarding Prioritization, SATA, Electrolyte imbalances, shocks and so more topics in easily understandable way. I enjoyed to gained more information regarding NCLEX Strategies. Rachel is very helpful to us to reducing our anxiety for exam and gaining our confidence. I am wish I will prepare for my exam well after attending these small group classes.

Susie Mitchell

5 months ago

Rachel is the best, she guided me during those times when my qbanks were exhausted. She ensures that I understood the concept and rationales so I could better get a stronger foundation of the topics. I copied her styles of narrowing the choices with the use of critical thinking knowledge-based. Indeed, I PASSED my NCLEX on first attempt with the help of Archer. I recommend this to anyone preparing for NCLEX!!! This is the BEST!!!

Tarsem Saini

5 months ago

Rachel is very amazing tutor and her today's teaching session was very informative to gain my knowledge and confidence. Her way of teaching is very friendly and supportive to us. During our session ,she explained very well step by step about SATA and PRIORITIZATION Strategies in order to choose the right option. I enjoyed lot the small group teaching atmosphere today with Rachel. I love her explorative method of teaching as she touched every point of difficulty in order to answer the questions easily. This session gave me great knowledge and confidence. I am highly recommending her.


6 months ago

Rahel, She has a very good knowledge and eager to help other. very informative session and well organized! easily to remember to tricks of pharmacology! Highly recommended for Pharmacology for those who are struggling to understand the memorized the Medication!