Sarah Schulze



University of Illinois at Chicago


Nursing School

About, Sarah Schulze

My name is Sarah and I am a pediatric nurse practitioner. As an RN, I have varied experience in settings like critical care, outpatient surgery, and pediatrics. As an NP, I have worked in pediatric primary care, lactation, and pediatric behavioral health.

I enjoy teaching patients, their families, and students, particularly about all things pediatrics and how nursing care is different for this population; kids are not just small adults! I have been a clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students and frequently precept NP students as well. I am a visual learner and like to teach using visual aids to help with understanding and information recall. I also love pharmacology and helping students not feel intimidated or overwhelmed with how drugs work in the body. I’d love to help you solidify your foundation of understanding for all things peds and mental health!



  • Pediatrics (Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner)

  • Mental health (Certified Pediatric Mental Health Specialist)

  • Lactation (Certified Lactation Counselor)

  • BSN clinical instructor


  • Breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces

  • Solidifying understanding of pharmacology

  • Explaining pediatric physiology

  • Challenging students to think critically and improve confidence in themselves

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