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About, Shelley Cundick

I received my BSN from the University of Utah and started my nursing career in home health and women’s services. As my kids got older, I worked as the lead school nurse in a K-12 charter school, as a public health nurse, and in immunization clinics. My favorite part of nursing has always been teaching and patient education!

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Jino Pestilos

6 days ago

Shelly thank you for your competent job for teaching us and encouraging us to Claim our Rn. you give us strength and courage to pass the nclex!


17 days ago

Shelly, an exceptional RN and tutor through the Archer program, played a pivotal role in my journey towards passing the RN exam. Her dedication, knowledge, and unwavering support were truly remarkable. Throughout the 6-week tutoring sessions, Shelly displayed a profound understanding of the material, patiently guiding me through challenging concepts and providing invaluable study strategies. Her personalized approach and genuine care for my success not only boosted my confidence but also helped me grasp key concepts effectively. Thanks to Shelly's expertise and encouragement, I successfully passed my RN exam. I am immensely grateful for her expertise and unwavering support throughout this process. Shelly is a true gem in the field of nursing and tutoring, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and support in their academic pursuits.

Kristin Perkins

17 days ago

Shelley is amazing and kind. She took time to look at my readiness assessments and tell me where I need to focus. She gave me some test strategies on how to approach the question and overcome the anxiety. She is a wonderful tutor. My one on one with Shelley was a great experience. Thank you

Dean Aguon

a month ago

She is just awesome! I would encourage you to take the NCLEX shortly following your training plan. Passed!

Josiane Utamuliza

3 months ago

She is just awesome at explaining content, no one can encourage u as Shelley honestly which I needed that fr sure. Shelley is amazing

Stephanie Walter

6 months ago

amazing experience with the small group tutoring! so extremely helpful!!

Carol AbbeyMensah

6 months ago

Shelley is an amazing tutor. Her feedbacks were great and she was very encouraging. Having her as my tutor greatly contributed to my success on the NCLEX.

Bukola Ajayi

7 months ago

I really want to appreciate Shelley for her great support throughout the 6 weeks intense prep. She was patient, explains to the details and ensures that you understand. She is a great tutor. Thank you Shelley for your support and encouragement. You are the best.

Zandra Morris

7 months ago

I loved Shelley. I loved the communication in emails and in turor sessions. I did intense prep for 6 weeks and really loved how she helped 2 days a week to make sure I could pass on my 4th try.

Nicole Washington

7 months ago

Shelley was a great tutor! This was not my first time having to test, and I needed help making sure that this time was my last. Intense prep with Shelley provided me with all of the tools that I needed to help me have a solid plan to follow, and it worked! I was successful in passing the Nex gen NCLEX exam and am super excited to start my nursing journey!