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University of Utah



About, Shelley Cundick

I received my BSN from the University of Utah and started my nursing career in home health and women’s services. As my kids got older, I worked as the lead school nurse in a K-12 charter school, as a public health nurse, and in immunization clinics. My favorite part of nursing has always been teaching and patient education!

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Debbie Whyte

a month ago

Great session! I definately recommend her small group or tutoring, lesson was simplified.

Yuan Zhang

a month ago

Mrs. Cundick was an exceptional tutor. She was incredibly patient and thorough, taking all the necessary steps to help me grasp concepts I had previously struggled with. Her dedication to helping me develop my critical thinking skills was instrumental in my success. Thanks to her support and encouragement, I passed the NCLEX exam on my second attempt. Mrs. Cundick's guidance not only helped me understand the material but also restored my confidence in my abilities. Her positive attitude and commitment to my success made all the difference. I can never thank her enough for her help. I highly recommend Mrs. Cundick to anyone preparing for the NCLEX or looking to strengthen their nursing knowledge.

Tabithas Joseph

a month ago

Mrs Cundick was amazing, patient, she was very thorough and took all measures in helping me grasp concepts I had forgotten. Help me develop my critical thinking skills and Passed NCLEX exam on my Third attempt. I can never thank you enough, your encouragement and support have helped me gain my confidence in my abilities. Excellent tutor highly recommend. Thanks again! Tabithas

Sergedna Brutus

a month ago

Thank you Ms.Cundick! Your patience and understanding foster a safe and supportive learning environment. You're an excellent tutor! Thank you ArcherReview as well!

Whitney Wright

2 months ago

I had a fantastic experience with Mrs.Cundick, though it was short. She was incredibly knowledgeable and patient, always going the extra mile to ensure we understood complex concepts. I passed with 85 questions. Their passion for the subject was infectious, making learning much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this tutor to anyone needing help in the field of nursing. Thanks again!

Mark Ramirez

2 months ago

Ms. Cundick, I wish I could give you more "Stars." She is very direct and transparent with her assessment of you as a future RN. She reviewed my CAT's and RA's 8 days before my scheduled NCLEX. She also reviewed any areas that I needed improvement in which was very helpful. Thank you Ms. Cundick for being patient and understanding with our 1:1 tutor session. Today, has paid off 1000 times and found out I passed my NCLEX and am a CA board licensed RN. Many, many thanks!!!!

Kyra Hickombottom

2 months ago

Shelley was great! She helped me breakdown questions and helped me feel more confident when it comes to test taking. I definitely recommend her to help you study for your NCLEX!

Mark Ramirez

2 months ago

Shelley was very informative and helpful with key concepts that a test taker may encounter during the NCLEX.

Ryanfe Ligan

2 months ago

For me ma'am Shelley is very compassionate with her work. Very approachable and very soft-spoken person. I love the way she gives advice. I love the ways she talks. I learn so many things from her which I will always up to the time I will start to work. I'm already USRN and Ma'am Shelley and archer team is part of my success! Thank u Ma'am and one day I will become like you! I admired u a lot! God bless you always!

Marilene Vassor

3 months ago

Hello!! I want to thanks Profesor Shelley Cundick so far. She make me feel my RN license already. She’s a great speaker teaching to help someone success. Today with her help, and my Supass Archer combo. I Will pushing very hard on my hand to get success next month. Again I’m thank you Archer so far. #1 Nclex Review in the platform.✍🏻✍🏻📚📚


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