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Experience personalized private tutoring instruction. At Archer Review, we provide customized ATI TEAS 7 tutoring tailored to suit your learning preferences, ensuring a boost in your exam success.


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At Archer Review, we offer tutoring that covers every single goal and objective on the ATI TEAS 7 Exam. Our team of tutors are actual instructors with years of experience. Walk into your exam with confidence, knowing you are going to pass!


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Following just private tutoring session, our seasoned tutors can offer valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement. Recognizing the uniqueness of each student, we tailor our recommendations specifically to you for a personalized learning experience.


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The TEAS 7 Exam encompasses various question formats, including multiple-choice, fill in the blank, select all that apply, hot spot, and ordered response. Our tutors offer guidance and tips for tackling each of these question types.

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Book your very own private tutoring session and get a proper study plan laid out just for you. Our tutors follow the Sure Pass Program with ArcherReview readiness assessments.

Our Handpicked TEAS 7 Tutors


Brandon Craftverified-icon

Master's Degree, Mathematics and Statistics

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Anyone who knows Brandon knows that mathematics is not just a profession but an integral part of his identity. With over 15 years of teaching experience as a college math instructor, Brandon’s love and dedication to the subject is evident. In short, mathematics is not just a subject for Brandon, but a way of life that he is eager to share with others. He thoroughly enjoys his profession and shows it proudly on his license plate - I DO MATH.

Brandon also enjoys spending quality time with his son. The two of them love going to amusement parks and water parks together, and also do tae kwon do as a team. They also enjoy spending time with their dog. When the weather is nice, outdoor activities like basketball, tailgating, landscaping, grilling, and relaxing in his backyard swimming pool and hot tub occupy his time. He listens to all types of music on Spotify and is an avid fan of his alma mater - East Carolina Pirates.


Tammy Summerlinverified-icon

Master's Degree, English Literature

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Tammy is a college English instructor with 12 years of experience in the classroom teaching composition, reading, literature, and history courses. She majored in English and history at Barton College and received her Master’s in English with a literature concentration from East Carolina University. Before becoming an instructor, she began as a college tutor working with students in a variety of subjects, which is how she determined that she wanted to turn helping students into a career and share her passion for English and learning in general. In addition to teaching English courses, she has previously taught TEAS prep courses for students seeking to enter nursing programs. Since many students often dread entering an English classroom, she always looks for ways to make the material engaging and relatable to students. Student success is always her top priority in and outside of the classroom, and it is one of the many reasons why she enjoys working at Archer Review. Since joining the Archer team, she has found joy in hosting webinars where she can interact with students from across the country.

Besides teaching, Tammy, like most English majors, enjoys reading, especially fiction and historiographies. Her bucket list includes writing and publishing a novel one day. She loves playing with her dogs and cuddling with them on the couch. She loves the Boston Red Sox and the New York Rangers, but through and through she bleeds Carolina blue. Despite being a homebody and loving to spend time at home in the little downtime she has, she also enjoys traveling to the beach, lake, or mountains. To her, nothing beats sitting on the patio enjoying a good cup of coffee watching the sunrise or sunset over the water or the mountains.

Most importantly, her life revolves around her family. If she is not working, she is usually carpooling her kids to extra-curricular activities or sitting on the sidelines cheering at one of their games or dance competitions. As a family, they also enjoy traveling to new places and visiting their favorite amusement park. On most nights during the summer, you can find them as a family at baseball games cheering on their favorite minor league team and singing “Sweet Caroline” between innings. During the cooler months, they spend a lot of time watching their favorite college basketball team from the stands and pulling for the New England Patriots. Nevertheless, it all comes down to spending as much time together as a family as possible.

Meet Jasmine, an LA native with a unique journey from aspiring art student to summa cum laude nursing graduate. Formerly an art enthusiast, Jasmine’s discovered passion for math and science led her to excel in nursing. She was a peer mentor and tutor at her nursing school, where she assisted over 125 students in conquering the TEAS exam. Jasmine believes in making learning enjoyable and visually engaging, incorporating her artistic flair into teaching. Beyond academics, she loves exploring her city, going to the beach, and playing Bad Bunny on repeat.


Shellie Harshbergerverified-icon

Master's degree, Science Teacher Education/General Science

Shellie, a dedicated science educator with over 17 years of experience, recently fulfilled a lifelong goal by earning her Ed.D. in science instruction. She not only teaches science content but also imparts effective study skills, aiming to help her students excel academically. Residing in northern Indiana with her husband, Shellie shares her home with two beloved Great Danes, Liberty and Bella, whose playful antics are a constant source of joy. An avid nature lover, Shellie enjoys bird-watching and soaking up the sun by the pool during warmer months, and nurturing her cherished orchids in the sunroom during winter. Inspired by her educational journey, Shellie has discovered a passion for writing and is now eagerly embarking on a new adventure of writing a book. Additionally, she finds joy in 80s music, often turning poolside gatherings into lively dance sessions with her husband as they revel in nostalgia and the beauty of their natural surroundings.


Amber Whitneyverified-icon

Master of Arts in Education and Leadership

Amber is a science educator and enthusiast with a particular passion for life sciences. She teaches biology, advanced biology, anatomy and physiology, and forensic science. Amber enjoys teaching heredity, body systems, and evolution most of all. She has a unique ability to harness the curious nature within students to drive learning. Science is all about being curious and asking questions, afterall!

Amber is a mother and a wife, who enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys being outdoors in the garden, hiking, and camping. When she’s not outside, she is creating via multiple art mediums, reading books and science research, and keeping up on all things true crime (shoutout fellow crime junkies!).