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I attended ASU for my Biochemistry Degree and received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from NAU. I have been practicing as a nurse since 2017, and have been trained to work in settings such as stroke centers, Level 1 Trauma Hospitals, Neurosurgery, as well as General Surgery where I currently work. Since I began working as a Progressive Care nurse, all the way to Operating Room nurse, I have been precepting New Graduate Nurses and loving it. When I am not working at the hospital, you can find me at Maricopa Community College where I teach as an Adjunct Clinical Educator for the School of Nursing.

Having been a student myself during Nursing School and the Perioperative Program, I understand the struggles students experience, and what it takes to pass licensing exams successfully. I also have an understanding of testing anxiety, and have built test strategies and learning tools which helped me pass NCLEX on my first try. Now I can help you do the same! I am excited to work with you, share my knowledge and build strategies and confidence together to pass the NCLEX exam!

Some fun facts about me. I was born in Romania, my parents emigrated here in 2005 by winning a Lottery VISA game. I speak four languages: English, Romanian, Spanish, and French.


Jennifer Bonnerverified-icon


I received my BSN from the University of Arkansas for Medical Science in Little Rock, my first MSN in Family Practice from the University of Cincinnati, in Ohio, my second MSN in Midwifery from Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky, then finally, my DNP from Frontier in 2019. I have had the opportunity to serve clients within several areas in the hopsital setting, ICU (neuro), Endoscopy, Postpartum, and Labor and Delivery. Once I graduated with my Midwifery degree, I served women in an OB/GYN clinic and enjoyed providing for their medical, physical, emotional, and educational needs. Throughout these experiences, I have enjoyed working with students as a preceptor or even as a shadowing experience. The opportunity to teach, and see those "ah ha" moments drew me towards education. Outside of the hospital and clinic setting I have experience teaching with both RN and LPN programs and enjoy helping students identify their preferred method of learning and helping them hone their areas of strength, while strengthening areas they are not as comfortable in.


Megan Millerverified-icon


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I have been a nurse since 2007 after obtaining my BSN right out of high school. I worked in pediatrics as a NICU staff nurse for many years before moving into emergency medicine. I found my passion for education in 2013 when I advanced my education with my MSN and most recently my DNP. I understand the pressures of nursing school while trying to manage a career and family. The stress of preparing and successfully taking the NCLEX is the most challenging part of your nursing career journey! I love helping students achieve their goals so let me help ease that stress and anxiety.

I enjoy reading, traveling, and spending time with my husband and 2 kids.


Brandon Craftverified-icon

Master's Degree, Mathematics and Statistics

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Anyone who knows Brandon knows that mathematics is not just a profession but an integral part of his identity. With over 15 years of teaching experience as a college math instructor, Brandon’s love and dedication to the subject is evident. In short, mathematics is not just a subject for Brandon, but a way of life that he is eager to share with others. He thoroughly enjoys his profession and shows it proudly on his license plate - I DO MATH.

Brandon also enjoys spending quality time with his son. The two of them love going to amusement parks and water parks together, and also do tae kwon do as a team. They also enjoy spending time with their dog. When the weather is nice, outdoor activities like basketball, tailgating, landscaping, grilling, and relaxing in his backyard swimming pool and hot tub occupy his time. He listens to all types of music on Spotify and is an avid fan of his alma mater - East Carolina Pirates.


Sarah Schulzeverified-icon


My name is Sarah and I am a pediatric nurse practitioner. As an RN, I have varied experience in settings like critical care, outpatient surgery, and pediatrics. As an NP, I have worked in pediatric primary care, lactation, and pediatric behavioral health.

I enjoy teaching patients, their families, and students, particularly about all things pediatrics and how nursing care is different for this population; kids are not just small adults! I have been a clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students and frequently precept NP students as well. I am a visual learner and like to teach using visual aids to help with understanding and information recall. I also love pharmacology and helping students not feel intimidated or overwhelmed with how drugs work in the body. I’d love to help you solidify your foundation of understanding for all things peds and mental health!


Rachel Devonverified-icon

RN, BSN, BS Education

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My name is Rachel Devon, and my background includes both nursing and education! Prior to attending nursing school, I was a teacher for five years (both in the US and abroad). After nursing school, I began my bedside nursing career in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU. One of my favorite parts of this job was providing education to the patients and their families on their cardiac condition. My next field of nursing was pediatric clinical research, where I got to coordinate the ins and outs of clinical trials. Among all of my nursing experiences, two of my strengths have been attention to detail and organization. If you have an assignment or paper that you want a second set of eyes on, need help editing, or just want to ensure that it is top-notch, I would love to work on it with you!


Rebecca Coulterverified-icon


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My name is Rebecca Coulter, and I have been a nurse specializing in ICU for almost 6 years. As a new graduate, I started in a Cardiovascular Surgical ICU, where I worked for 2.5 years before travel nursing. The learning curve was steep, but I am so thankful for the experience I gained, which provided a solid foundation in critical care to take with me as I traveled. Over the years, I have enjoyed caring for some of the most critically ill patients in the hospital, supporting and educating families and patients as they navigate their critical illnesses. I have settled in Bozeman, Montana, where I work as a preceptor and charge nurse in the ICU. I am passionate about training nurses new to the ICU, attempting to relay information in understandable and practical ways. There is nothing like seeing a difficult concept finally click for a nurse or nursing student, and I would love to help you get there, too!