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Nursing School, NCLEX RN & PN


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About, Ema Muntean

I attended ASU for my Biochemistry Degree and received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from NAU. I have been practicing as a nurse since 2017, and have been trained to work in settings such as stroke centers, Level 1 Trauma Hospitals, Neurosurgery, as well as General Surgery where I currently work. Since I began working as a Progressive Care nurse, all the way to Operating Room nurse, I have been precepting New Graduate Nurses and loving it. When I am not working at the hospital, you can find me at Maricopa Community College where I teach as an Adjunct Clinical Educator for the School of Nursing.

Having been a student myself during Nursing School and the Perioperative Program, I understand the struggles students experience, and what it takes to pass licensing exams successfully. I also have an understanding of testing anxiety, and have built test strategies and learning tools which helped me pass NCLEX on my first try. Now I can help you do the same! I am excited to work with you, share my knowledge and build strategies and confidence together to pass the NCLEX exam!

Some fun facts about me. I was born in Romania, my parents emigrated here in 2005 by winning a Lottery VISA game. I speak four languages: English, Romanian, Spanish, and French.

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Addison Turner

7 days ago

EMA what an ANGEL!! Book with her! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! I had to cancel my first scheduled session with her last minute and she personally got me on the books the next day without charge. I had two full sessions with her it would have been MORE!! I procrastinated and started studying a week before exam. Ema calmed my nerves, took her time with me going well over our alotted time. She got to know me and my weaknesses and concentrated on specifics that benefited my chances of passing. I never left a meeting without feeling genuinely taken care of and put at ease. Ema is so gentle, kind, and non judgemental. Not to mention SMART. She takes concepts and breaks it down and gives you exactly what you need to know. If you are looking for a one on one tutoring session she is your girl. She hides nothing and goes above and beyond! Thank you EMA for helping me feel confident and passing my NCLEX!

Brianna Ochoa

17 days ago

Ema was an amazing tutor and my last hope in passing the NCLEX. I scheduled a session 1.5 weeks before my exam and I was very worried if I was going to pass or not. Ema eased my nerves and not only encouraged me with her words but wrote out a schedule for the rest of the days leading up to my exam to give me a sense of structure. She helped me figure out my weak spots and gave me advice and how to use my last few days to focus on what I needed. Although we were only scheduled for an hour she took her time with me and spent two hours!! She was so friendly and easy to talk it was like getting advice from an older sister. I loved her and definitely recommend her!! I ended up passing the NCLEX too and I don’t know if I would’ve without Ema’s guidance and encouragement!!

Caroline Townsend

19 days ago

Ema is great, she was very detail in explaining. She took her time to make sure your understanding, she ask for feedback. Whatever you are not sure of, she breaks it down to make sure that you understand. I recommend her for tutoring help.

Lycar Goingo

22 days ago

I graduated since 2010 and this is my 3rd attempt to take my NCLEX since 2022 and i felt like giving up until i talked to her. I love Archer’s study materials, specially their on-deman videos (easy to recall my Anatomy and Physiology) but it felt like im missing something. Until I saw their Private Tutoring and give it a shot. I would say it’s the best decision I’ve made!! Ema is awesome! So grateful for her. She just didn’t go through the Test taking strategies with me but she did personally listened and helped me recognize the areas that i need improvement before we discuss my study game plan and what style of learning works for me. After my one on one tutoring class with her, i felt confident again and excited to try out my new study plan. I would recommend this private tutoring to my friends and family!

Mary Ann Meneses

23 days ago


Deepa Markose

24 days ago


Maricel Cabacungan

a month ago

I was one of the winner of FREE 1 hour one on one tutorial by Ms Ema. The remaining 4 days before my exam she helped me a lot. She even extended her time from an hour to 2hours. She emailed me those helpful tips that will help me on answering specially the prioritization and delegation. Thank you Ms Ema for your help and encouragement.

Marie Francois

a month ago


Farouk Ado Uba

a month ago

It was very amazing and quite interesting .

Jeniqua Byam

a month ago

Ema is AMAZING! She was clear and very informative during our small group session for test taking strategies! She really wants the best for all future nurses to PASS NCLEX!