Ema Muntean



Northern Arizona University


Nursing School, NCLEX RN & PN

About, Ema Muntean

I attended ASU for my Biochemistry Degree and received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from NAU. I have been practicing as a nurse since 2017, and have been trained to work in settings such as stroke centers, Level 1 Trauma Hospitals, Neurosurgery, as well as General Surgery where I currently work. Since I began working as a Progressive Care nurse, all the way to Operating Room nurse, I have been precepting New Graduate Nurses and loving it. When I am not working at the hospital, you can find me at Maricopa Community College where I teach as an Adjunct Clinical Educator for the School of Nursing.

Having been a student myself during Nursing School and the Perioperative Program, I understand the struggles students experience, and what it takes to pass licensing exams successfully. I also have an understanding of testing anxiety, and have built test strategies and learning tools which helped me pass NCLEX on my first try. Now I can help you do the same! I am excited to work with you, share my knowledge and build strategies and confidence together to pass the NCLEX exam!

Some fun facts about me. I was born in Romania, my parents emigrated here in 2005 by winning a Lottery VISA game. I speak four languages: English, Romanian, Spanish, and French.

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Naomie Elouna

a month ago

Ema was amazing during the whole meeting , she gave me helpful tips on how to answer questions during my nclex exam and I was able to get right answers , I can’t be thankful enough I was able to pass my nclex in 85 questions, thank you so much 🥰🥰

Blessing Agu

2 months ago

I was extremely pleased with my tutoring session with Eme. She has a lot of experience on how to teach students like me. I will book Eme 100% again because of her knowledgeable experience. Eme you are awesome. Thank you very much.


2 months ago


Rachelle Fjeldahl

2 months ago

Ema was very patient with me and helped me by making a personal schedule for me to be successful on taking my boards for the first time. I am looking for take in July. :)

Marjorie Cutaran

2 months ago

Emma is an amazing tutor. I booked an hour one on one session with her and it was an amazing experience all the way through. She helped me boost my confidence and develop a strategies on how to answer questions without over analyzing them. I was very emotional that time I met her at first because nursing was my passion but due to hardship in life I went in a different path for 15 years. Until last May 23, 2024 I took the exam, it was nerved wracking time but May 24, 2024 at 6am I received an email and I passed. Thank you for everything Ms. Emma. I won't be able to do it without your help. ❤❤❤

Fanel JeanClaude

2 months ago


Katrell Westbrook

2 months ago

Ema was great! She really helped me to hone in on my areas that needed the most help, went over questions and was really great to work with!! I enjoyed our session 😁

Jocelyn Dishuk

2 months ago

My tutoring session with Ema Was extremely beneficial. She’s extremely kind and knowledgeable. She never makes you feel like you’re behind or you’re missing out on a topic. I will 100% be booking her for another NCLEX appointment. Thanks for being awesome Ema!

Milena Moretta Paz

3 months ago

I was extremely pleased with my tutoring session with Ema. I was very happy to take the 2 hour NCLEX review with her because she is always super informative. I was happy that she was able to answer all my questions and was able to provide many details for every main topic. Thank you!

Naomi Tavizon

3 months ago

Ema was so awesome! A lot of things make more sense and she opened my eyes to some things I had not realized that now makes it easy for me to remember. Ema was vey patient!! Thank you so much, Ema!


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