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About, Lauren Korth

I am a surgical nurse working part-time in the operating room at St Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center. I am ACLS and BLS trained and certified as an OR nurse (CNOR). I have been teaching a lot of NCLEX test takers for quite a long time. My students love my ability to break down complex concepts into simple blocks, which makes them understand easily. I like to teach students by bringing them real-life experiences so that it becomes easy to remember. I would love to talk to you and help you clear the NCLEX with ease.

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5 days ago

I passed the NCLEX on the first try even after graduating from nursing school 17 years ago. I attended Elizabeth's Intense Prep group and it was the turning point in my NCLEX journey. I started feeling so lost and insecure about my abilities. Elizabeth's nurturing approach and unwavering belief in me changed everything. She restored my confidence and faith in myself. Despite the challenges, Elizabeth's encouragement and genuine care lifted me up and propelled me forward. Passing the NCLEX took A LOT of hard work, effort, commitment and prayers. After going through the process, I did not only pass the NCLEX on my first attempt but also rediscovered a sense of pride in my nursing journey. I am forever grateful for Elizabeth’s guidance and support.


5 days ago

Lauren’s teaching style is refreshingly straightforward and incredibly smart. Her lectures are crystal clear, and she gets right to the heart of the matter. With Lauren, there’s no beating around the bush – just pure, effective learning. If you’re looking for a tutor who cuts through the complexity with brilliance, Lauren is your go-to choice!

Claudia Duron

17 days ago

Lauren is an amazing and excellent tutor with experience and dedication 👏!

Melissa Gow

19 days ago


Rita Liriano

2 months ago

I love how she explain things, and give out good test strategies.

Emelito Patricio

2 months ago

Lauren provided me with 12 small group tutorial sessions in preparation for NCLEX. Her keen knowledge and medical expertise help me to grasp complex medical terms, diagnosis and treatments . When I was in doubt she always entertained my questions with sound rational. Her way of instruction helped make complex subjects more understandable. I would highly recommend Lauren for anyone preparing for NCLEX. Her instruction helped me successfully pass NCLEX on the first attempt. I will be forever grateful to Lauren. Sincerely, E. Patricio

Corinne Kach

2 months ago

I have had Lauren several times for tutoring and she is the absolute best. Explains everything perfectly and takes her time as well. I am so glad I found her and will continue to use her study groups to help me pass the nclex!

Tamika Miller

3 months ago


Melanie Curilan

4 months ago

She's an amazing tutor, direct to the point explaining well and teaching how to break the question to understand well. Thank you very much Lauren Korth

Rose Gitenya

4 months ago

She was fully informed and answered questions as requested. I enjoyed her tutoring