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About, Lauren Korth

I am a surgical nurse working part-time in the operating room at St Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center. I am ACLS and BLS trained and certified as an OR nurse (CNOR). I have been teaching a lot of NCLEX test takers for quite a long time. My students love my ability to break down complex concepts into simple blocks, which makes them understand easily. I like to teach students by bringing them real-life experiences so that it becomes easy to remember. I would love to talk to you and help you clear the NCLEX with ease.

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Stephanie Watson

10 months ago

EKG made easy!!! Lauren really breaks down the concepts and make them easy to understand! i highly recommend her for all your tutoring needs!!


a year ago

It was a very informative and good experience. Thank you. Today, I had just an hour session. How can I take the next tree session?

Barak Butel

a year ago

very extensive knowledge on the topics she was teaching to the group session, and took the time to answer any concerns that was asked when efficiently and with ease, Thank you Lauren for your time!

Jemella Martin

a year ago

I love how Lauren broke down the question and explain how to answer them.

Ruthie Hooper

a year ago

Lauren is an excellent tutor to prepare you for the Nclex. I learned so much from her during my session. I love the way she breaks down each question to give you a better understanding in how to prepare for the nclex exam questions. Thanks Lauren you are God sent!

Angela Roberts

a year ago

This was my first time signing up for a small group session. I was highly impressed with how knowledgeable and straight forward Lauren was. She covered everything in the simplest ways to understand the content. I will be reviewing the slides that were emailed to test my knowledge. Thanks Lauren!

Maricar D

a year ago

Lauren is a great tutor. Two weeks prior to my exam last March 31, I attended two small group tutorials with her, even though the time seemed so short, she was able to breakdown the topics in the best way she can. With her exam tips, Lauren helped me to attack the questions and it brought me confidence during the exam. She's also responding to e-mails if you have further questions or clarifications. Thank you Lauren for being a part of my USRN journey!

Natalia Veladez

a year ago

My school doesn't have a dedicated pharm class so I knew I would be on my own to learn it. After one session with her, I was able to understand and remember. Any question that came up with the meds she went over, I got right. I plan to sit in again. Thank you.


a year ago

Lauren is very accommodating. I had a few small group classes with her. She made every minute of those session worth it! THANK YOU, Lauren!

Sasha Wolfla

a year ago

Lauren is full of knowledge! I enjoyed my lessons with her, she made some of the concepts I was having issues with a lot easier to understand. The only thing that I would say is that she goes really fast through the slides. I was trying to take notes and I'd get about half way through and have to go on to the next topic. The time is limited and there is so much content, thats understandable. However, I wish that I would have been able to keep up with her. My hand had cramps from writing so fast :)