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About, Lauren Korth

I am a surgical nurse working part-time in the operating room at St Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center. I am ACLS and BLS trained and certified as an OR nurse (CNOR). I have been teaching a lot of NCLEX test takers for quite a long time. My students love my ability to break down complex concepts into simple blocks, which makes them understand easily. I like to teach students by bringing them real-life experiences so that it becomes easy to remember. I would love to talk to you and help you clear the NCLEX with ease.

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Mary Anne

a year ago

There was a lot to cover in 1hr but she hit the major points. Thank you!

Janice Broomfield

a year ago

Lauren is an excellent teacher. I can definitely say her class was helpful to me.

Veena Sundaresh

a year ago

very good in explanation and great teacher

Marey Mieczkowski

a year ago

Lauren was awesome! I could tell that she tried her very best squeezing as much of the 2-part Pharmacology class within 2 hours and I truly appreciate that. She was super accommodating and supportive. I just wish it was a longer small group session, so we did not have to rush the content. Overall, I still learned a lot and enjoyed my time in her small group class.

Diane Freeman

a year ago

Well..that was fun! :) This is the first time that I have ever tried ArcherReview Tutors. I chose Lauren based on her scheduled topic (prioritization) and my availability. I must say that I'm glad that I attended her session. She is very organized and direct to the point. Though just an hour class, it was definitely jam-packed with very useful tips and info. I was getting to a point where I am about to get totally burnt out from this never-ending NCLEX review, but somehow, Lauren kinda made me want to hop on back to review mode.

Yasmin Munir

a year ago

Lauren is amazing.She was so helpful and encouraging.Recommend her 💯 for private tutoring and the small group session.I passed NCLEX with 78 questions on my third attempt . Thank you Lauren 😌

Alexis Gonzalez

a year ago

Lauren really helped me learn what material to really focus on especially when it came to pharmacology. I feel more confident in answering and breaking down questions so that i can fully understand the material . She is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff. So glad I was able to attend her small group sessions!

Tiffany Polk

a year ago

Thank you! a lot of good information! Great job

Evodia Ndang

a year ago

Lauren is knowledgeable. I found her material very useful. Shes straight to the point and fast. I highly recommend her .she makes sure your time is well spent.

Cherilyn Scanlon

2 years ago

Lauren was an awesome tutor! She knows how to break down info into the most important chunks to make it easier to remember. She covers a lot of material in an hour so you definitely get your moneys worth!