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Edinboro University Of Pennsylvania



About, Dianne Barnard

Before becoming a nurse I received a Bachelor of Science in Education with an emphasis in speech, language, and hearing therapy. I worked with the hearing impaired, autistic, and IDD communities in both educational and clinic settings. I have been a nurse for more than 30 years with experience in many areas. I have a Gerontology Certificate and specialized training as a psychiatric mobile treatment team leader. As a nurse, I take pride in providing collaborative but individualized treatment in group therapy sessions.

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Jemboy Maraat

13 days ago

It was such a great experience subscribing an Intense Prep in Archer for NCLEX and I would like to have my utmost gratitude to our tutor DIANNE BERNARD for the motivation, for imparting her knowledge, and providing me with a such personalized strategy for my NCLEX study. She also figure out my weaknesses and guides me to work on it so I would improve my overall performance. She really made a huge impact in my NCLEX journey! For those who are searching for tutoring, I highly recommend her. Thank you so much for everything Teacher DIANNE.

Yevdokiya Blau

13 days ago

So thankful for the amazing experience I had having Dianne as my teacher! She is so knowledgeable, informative and kind. Dianne ensured that information that was provided to the group was understood. She always answered every question that would come up. Preparing to take NCLEX can be very overwhelming and stressful time. However, with Dianne’s help and guidance, this was not the case for me. She always went above and beyond providing best tips and test taking strategies as well. All the information she provided was extremely helpful and I have learned so much. I also loved her personality and positive energy! She wants to see you succeed and believes that you will! I passed my NCLEX exam on first attempt. So thankful I had an opportunity to be in Dianne’s class and have her as a teacher!

Damanpreet Kaur

14 days ago

It was really great experience learning from Dianne, she is extremely talented and helpful. Made my journey smooth and easy. I passed my nclex exam on my first attempt. So grateful to have teachers like her. Thank you so much Dianne ❤️

Pinna Wasonga

2 months ago

I loved my session with Diana , she is knowledgeable, kind and very informative, she is helpful under all circumstances, l loved learning from her .

Chris Robert I Mella

3 months ago

Shout out to you Dianne for helping me achieved my goal to be RN. Thank you so much for the inputs on how I will approach the exam, especially on the last stretch of my preparation. The time when I booked for one-to-one self-assessment, it really helps me a lot on focusing on my weakest area. As well as when I enrolled on Intense Prep Program I really don't know where to start, but I feel redirected and bless for having you as my Intense Prep mentor. Kudos to you and the entire archer review lectures.

Thelma Addequaye

a year ago

THELMA ADDEQUAYE Dianne is a wonderful instructor, listening, explaining, and answering every question to your understanding. I pass my nclex RN. I thank you and all the archer team.

Maricar JavierMella

a year ago

She is a very intelligent person. Dianne helps me dissect and analyze my weaknesses and strength. Thru all the details, she was able to assist me with a personalize strategy for my NCLEX exam. Those points makes me improve my performance. Looking forward for more USRN that Dianne can mentor.

Shivani Patel

a year ago

I have the utmost gratitude to Ms. Dianne - she played such a vital role in me passing my NCLEX. I did the 6 week Intense Program and she was my tutor who I would see twice weekly. She helped me read the questions differently, guiding me how to weed out all the unnecessary information and truly understand what the question is asking. She also gives you tools regarding how to pick your answer by rewording it pertaining to the question. Not only that, she MOTIVATES YOU and BELIEVES IN YOU. She will also figure out where your weaknesses are and will guide you how to work on it to improve your performance overall. Thank you so much for everything Ms. Dianne. 10/10 I highly recommend her.

Rebeka Hallock

a year ago

I would like to say special thanks to my tutor Dianne Bernard. I did the intense prep small group sessions with her. She is just great she pushes you to achieve your goals and motivates you to not lose hope. Archerreview is honestly one of the best review materials, I mean google it they have 99% pass rate. You will never find any business saying 100% anyways so don't hesitate. I passed NCLEX-RN after utilizing pretty much just Archer. The people that I talk to have also passed using Archerreview. I have been there myself I know how it feels like. Stick to it and you will get your desired result. Thank you Dianne

Michele S

a year ago

I passed my NCLEX after 4 times! Diane was my Intense Prep tutor and she was great! There were times I didn’t want to go to our live sessions but I can honestly say every time I went to it, I gained some new knowledge. She helped me understand what I have been doing wrong during all my exams. She gave me a lot of tips. During my NCLEX I could hear her voice telling me to slow down and don’t give up. Thank you D I A N E and Archer Review!!!!


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