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I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BSN and MSN in nursing and as a women’s health nurse practitioner. During my years of practice as an RN in the hospital setting, I worked in a combined med/Surg, trauma, and bariatric center of excellence for my first role. I then went on to work in a critical care float pool where I practiced in the neuro, cardiac and medical ICUs, emergency department, and several step-down units. After completing my masters, as a women’s health nurse practitioner, I worked for nine years in direct patient care with women of all ages and through all stages of life. Throughout my years of practice, I have always prioritized the teaching and training of students as a preceptor to dozens of students. I can’t wait to teach YOU, the next generation of nurses!

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Caleb Szklarz

11 days ago

Very helpful and encouraging.

Diana Garfias

12 days ago

She is so clear and concise and is very approachable!

Malathi Karupati

18 days ago


Grace Oshiotse

21 days ago


Naomi Tavizon

25 days ago

Elizabeth has been extremely helpful and very informative. I’ve had 2 tutoring sessions so far with her and signed up for another one. Sometimes it takes a certain person to say things a certain way for you to finally get it. Thank you so much, Elizabeth!!

Camille Anderson

a month ago

It was well organized


a month ago

My story will be very incomplete if I should not incorporate Ms. Elizabeth into it. She is a quintessential understanding and phenomenal instructor. Yes, the kind of instructor every NCLEX student would dream to meet. Wished I had met Ms. Beth sooner than my third try. As a man, honestly L&D dealt with me. Upon narrating my plight to Ms. Beth, she helped me shred Maternity & Newborn like a paper. Ms. Beth is second to none. Very calm personality, she teach with professionalism per excellence. She was more than a blessing. Encouraged me as I go through thick and thin until my scores improved and I passed at my third attempt. I cannot thank you enough Ms. Beth. She is an amazing support and very knowledgeable about nursing.


a month ago

It will be very unrealistic to elaborate on my NCLEX preparation journey and success without including the awesome support from Ms. Elizabeth Daigger. Prior before meeting Ms. Beth at Archer, I was a struggling, confused and inexperienced student. Ms. Beth compassionately tailored my problems to fit me. She assessed my shortcomings in each subject area after every assessment and forwarded materials that helped me to improve. She encouraged me where necessary and gradually my scores skyrocketed and lol and behold, I passed three days ago. Ms. Beth is an experienced instructor. Guys, I highly recommend her for any novice that wants to pass NCLEX.

Prince Adu

2 months ago


Jack Bier

2 months ago

Great instrutor!


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