Lexie Garber



University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh - BSN



About, Lexie Garber

I am a native English-speaking nurse with a passion for writing. I am a highly active individual who loves to be outside, play with my dogs, read, travel, and work as a registered nurse. I have both a Bachelors of Science as well as a Bachelors of Science-Nursing. During my career, I have spent time primarily as a med-surgeon RN along with Emergency Department RN. I oftentimes function as a preceptor for new nurses as well as training new employers or travel nurses. I am looking forward to bring a positive impact on all my nursing students.


University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

  • Pre-Med

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

  • BSN

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Thelma Addequaye

a year ago

Thelma Addequaye Lexie is an amazing instructor and she makes you understand the content. I thank you and the Archer team, Ms. Diane. I pass my nclex RN .

Marey Mieczkowski

2 years ago

Lexie was AMAZING! I felt so bad asking so many questions during our small group tutoring, but she was so accommodating and nice. She explained very well and she taught me how to be more confident with SATA Questions. Super thankful for Archer’s tutors.

Tamieka Brown

2 years ago

I enjoyed it very much

Barbara Caruso

2 years ago

Best Tutor Ever!

Ronald Rafanan

2 years ago

Very good professor and she explained the topic very well.

Jeanice Dela Cruz

2 years ago

I love how detailed she is with her explanations.

Brandy Ford

2 years ago

I love Lexie she makes sure you leave the lecture with understanding and doesn’t mind repeating any of the material!!! I passed my NclexRN thanks to Archer Review

Holly McGuire

2 years ago

Lexi is a wealth of knowledge! She was able to help me understand some concepts that I was confused on. It also helped that she understood the struggles that testers with ADD/ADHD face. I hope I am able to get 2 more sessions with her before I test.

Aster Habte

2 years ago

Lexie is very Knowledgeable, specially about her interpretation with EKG. She takes her time to explains everything,

June Miantona

2 years ago

I love Lexie’s simple explanation and knowledge.


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