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Step into the realm of live learning with our bundled live lectures, where you can engage daily with our dynamic instructors in real-time sessions. Learn the ins and outs of the cardiac system through a case study simulation with an actual cardiovascular ICU nurse or master prioritization and delegation skills with a trained Next Generation NCLEX specialist. There's nothing better than real-world interaction - and our live bundle delivers.



2,900+ practice questions, detailed answer rationales, multiple practice modes
On-Demand Videos

On-Demand Videos

In-depth lectures available at any time, on-demand

Live Review

Live Review

Interactive, high-yield review session with our entire nursing team.

Archer Live Lectures

Step into dynamic learning—live lectures bring an interactive dimension that on-demand videos can't match. Engage directly with instructors in real time to tackle challenges, navigate case studies, and get challenging questions answered right away.

Engaging Live Lectures

Live lectures occur daily. Delve deep into a single topic on Tuesdays and Thursdays, enhancing comprehension and providing ample time for practice. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are dedicated to dynamic case studies, guiding you through clinical judgment scenarios and reinforcing the knowledge gained in previous lectures.

The Nervous System

tutor profile

Elizabeth Daigger

Respiratory System Live Case Study

tutor profile

Cait Capablanca

The Respiratory System

tutor profile

Lexie Garber

Hematological System Live Case Study

tutor profile

Lauren Korth

Immune System Case Study #1

tutor profile

Dianne Barnard


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Live Lectures


Choose the duration that works best for your schedule. Lectures repeat every 12 weeks.


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