Baseline Assessments

Assess your starting point with a baseline assessment before diving into your program. Get a detailed mock candidate performance report highlighting your strengths and areas needing more focus. Tailor your study plan to maximize efficiency—study smarter, not harder!


Why Baseline Assessment

The Archer Review baseline assessment is a computer adaptive test that evaluates your current abilities before using the Archer Review resources. The test results highlight areas requiring extra study. Grading occurs in each client need category. Don't stress over initial low scores - through consistent Q-bank practice, watch your assessments soar and your performance elevate!

Below Passing Standard



Near Passing Standard


Above Passing Standard

  • Management of Care

    Management of Care

  • Safety + Infection Control

    Safety + Infection Control

  • Health Promotion + Maintenance

    Health Promotion + Maintenance

  • Psychosocial Integrity

    Psychosocial Integrity

  • Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies

    Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies

  • Physiological Integrity

    Physiological Integrity

  • Basic care and comfort

    Basic care and comfort

  • Reduction of Risk Potential

    Reduction of Risk Potential

See where you stand!

The Archer Review baseline assessment is a cutting-edge computer adaptive test that assesses your current abilities before diving into our resources. Discover precise insights pinpointing areas for focused study and enhancement!


Answer Change Analysis

Do you struggle with changing correct answers to wrong ones, only to regret it later? Archer Review analyzes your answer changes, displaying results on your performance dashboard. This will help you assess if second-guessing impacts your test scores.


Download your CPR

Want to save your results for later, email them to a professor, or share them with a tutor for a study session? Post-assessment, easily download your Candidate Performance Results for future reference or collaborative study sessions!


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