Readiness Assessment

How will you actually know you're ready for exam-ready? Two words: Readiness Assessments. With Archer Review, as long as you've got questions left in your Qbank, you've got unlimited access to readiness assessments. Our system crafts the ideal test to gauge your skills, providing a detailed score report revealing your NCLEX passing probability. Assess, excel, and stride confidently toward exam day!


Why take a Readiness Assessment?

Choose this option to gauge your likelihood of passing the NCLEX. It's like a practice test for the NCLEX, featuring timed questions covering all subjects. Scoring high or very high in four consecutive assessments aligns with a 99.35% NCLEX pass rate!

We suggest taking a readiness test every 5-7 days as frequent assessments better predict success than excelling in just one test. Regular testing patterns reveal your readiness journey more effectively!

Discover your changes of passing

Once you complete a readiness assessment, you'll receive a score categorized as low, borderline, high, or very high. This score reflects how well you performed on that specific set of questions compared to your peers. If you've significantly outperformed the average, your chances of passing is notably high!

  • Low

  • Borderline

  • High

  • Very High


Very High

Chances of passing

In-depth ways to

Track your Statistics

Dive into your performance dashboard post-readiness assessment to unleash the power of statistics tracking. Uncover not only your high and low-scoring areas of the test plan, but also pinpoint subjects, lessons, and even specific topics you need to work on! Effortlessly focus on your weaknesses, spending less time sifting through notes and more time building unshakeable confidence for your upcoming NCLEX success.


Answer Change Analysis

Do you struggle with changing correct answers to wrong ones, only to regret it later? Archer Review analyzes your answer changes, displaying results on your performance dashboard. This will help you assess if second-guessing impacts your test scores.


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