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Delve into our treasure trove of inspiring testimonials from successful NCLEX students. Witness firsthand how Archer Review's bespoke exam preparation tools and resources have transformed their NCLEX journey, powering them to achieve their career dreams.





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Natali Ricks

3 days ago

I used archer and it made me feel so comfortable with the nclex! I felt like I was taking another archer readiness assessment. 10/10 recommend

Mellissa Morgan

3 days ago

I used Archer for a month to practice for the NCLEX exam and I got my results yesterday that I passed. I thank God for this product. Use it and be intentional and trust in God and He will do the rest.

Katie Greene

3 days ago

Archer Review was instrumental in helping me pass the NCLEX. The app made it easy to study anywhere!

Karley Matthews

3 days ago

Had two weeks before the exam and decided to buy Archer and I’m so glad I did! Focused on the 3 day live review as well as doing several test questions daily! I believe I had completed about 2,000 tes...See More

Amelia Lawrence

3 days ago

Passed my NCLEX in 85 questions on June 18th! I used Archers six week study plan! I really only used Archer to study! You will get questions on the NCLEX you do not know! But do not freak out! I highl...See More

Ana Magdalena Vera Aguirre

3 days ago

I pass my NCLEX at 85 .Mu feeling doing the exam was like a doing the readiness assesment. Thanks you.

Michael Chernenko

3 days ago

Completed five consecutive assessments with high and one very high. Passed NCLEX first time and shutoff at question 90. Also used Mark K and ATI.

Adrianna Winseman

3 days ago

I used archer for 30 days and made sure I did one readiness assessment til the day I took my exam and I passed! The NCLEX looked exactly like archer and it was wonderful. I would recommend this to any...See More

Cinchona King

3 days ago

I had only 3weeks to study! I did 50 questions a day while reading content whether the answer was right or wrong to fully understand the rationale. I’m grateful for Archer Review!

Erica Jean

3 days ago

Archer Review is a life saver!! It was beneficial and it expanded my learning and preparedness for the NCLEX! highly recommend :)

Lara Archer

4 days ago

I purchased ARCHER shortly after graduating nursing school. I went back and forth between purchasing ATI, U-world, Simple Nursing, Archer Review and many others. I studied Archer using Readiness, CA...See More

Kelita Russell

4 days ago

I would recommend anyone who is preparing to take the NCLEX to go with the program. I passed my NCLEX on the first try after a month of practice questions, the CAT test, and the Readiness Assessments!...See More

Harold Owiti

4 days ago

I only used Archer to study for about four weeks. I took an average of 85 questions and prep tests every other day with my busy schedule and young kids in the house. Hitting the high scores on my prep...See More

Madison Twaddell

4 days ago

I thought the next gen case studies were great, very similar to the ones I saw on the NCLEX. My favorite part of archer were the readiness exams. I did quite a few and received mostly "high" and "ve...See More

Payton McAndrew

4 days ago

I did a readiness assessment every day for 2 weeks leading up to my NCLEX. Passed on the first try with 85 questions!!!