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Maryan Jelle

2 days ago

I did my exam on 21st May and I passed at 115.Archer Readiness assessments and CAT really stimulated me on how to tackle and nclex questions,it really came through coz I felt confident answering the ...See More

Sharda Wilkes

2 days ago

I used archer for 3 weeks straight and kept getting better everyday. It’s set up just like the NCClex. I passed on my first try with 85 questions. Get it!

Rebecca King

2 days ago

The readiness exams with a prediction of passing were so helpful as were the CAT quizzes both gave me the confidence I needed to know I was prepared for my NCLEX.

Sarita Rani

2 days ago

Archer Review is one of the best tools i’ve used in preparing for the NCLEX. The system by system review help you understand the disease process and medications related to it. I felt confident when wr...See More

Libbi Trawick

2 days ago

I was so excited I found Archer Review when I was searching for FNP exam reviews. It was a breathe of fresh air to know that I could experience the qbank for FREE! Wow this speaks volume that they tru...See More

Lala Cordero

2 days ago

“Trust the process of your NCLEX prep journey. Stay focused, remain consistent in your efforts, and believe in your ability to succeed. Embrace each step, learn from challenges, and remember that conf...See More

Mary Wasike

3 days ago

Hi.your preparation is ewonderful.am kindly requesting if you have a free question bank like for amonth or 3 months please assist me am still preparing for my exam

Katherine Alcantara

3 days ago

On May 15, I passed on my first try in 85qs. The questions were very similar to the NCLEX-PN. I loved using the readiness assessments—I had high, very high scores on 7 RA. The user interface was very ...See More

Nancy Perez

3 days ago

I absolutely loved Archer! The CAT and readiness assessments simulated the NCLEX perfectly and helped me prepare for it in a short amount of time and pass the first time. I would highly recommend Arch...See More

Jovigael Buenaventura

3 days ago

Passed my NCLEX at 85 points because of Archer! The structure and contents gave me confidence for the exam. Thank you so much Archer team!

Brianna Tomko

3 days ago

Archer is truly a life-saver. I studied for the next-gen NCLEX (RN) for about a month using Archer's question bank and videos. Closer to my test, I started doing more Readiness Assessments and CAT exa...See More

Abigail Mae Lorenzo

4 days ago

I finished all the quiz bank and did the 3 day live review in 1 month while working 40hours a week. Took my nclex on 5/18/24 and passed with 85 questions. I felt confident and ready. Thank you Arch...See More

Stephanie Anderson

4 days ago

I used Archer for six months prior to taking NCLEX. I loved the readiness assessments and the videos. I know that having this program greatly contributed to my success in passing NCLEX! It was wort...See More

Jessica Mendoza-Ramos

4 days ago

Archer was very helpful to help me succeed in passing the NCLEX on the first try! I highly recommend purchasing their services. :)

Princess Aissa Meily

4 days ago

Couldn't recommend it more! Stopped at 85 questions and passed last May 18. Archer is the perfect review tool for nclex plus the interface is 100% the same as the actual exam. Thank you so much Archer...See More