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Delve into our treasure trove of inspiring testimonials from successful NCLEX students. Witness firsthand how Archer Review's bespoke exam preparation tools and resources have transformed their NCLEX journey, powering them to achieve their career dreams.





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Amelia Vanicek

2 days ago

Passed my NCLEX in 85 for both my PN and RN. I used archer for both and found it to be a very helpful way to review the content leaned throughout nursing school and test my knowledge. Leading up to bo...See More

Tomeka Harrell

2 days ago

I am a May 2024 New Grad Nurse and I took my NCLEX on June 18th and passed. I only had 86 questions. I suffer from testing anxiety and was nervous, but I managed to calm my mind and focus on the NCLE...See More

Alex Stevens

2 days ago

Archer definitely helped me succeed on the NCLEX! Finished in 85 questions. Definitely recommend, especially the readiness exams!

Taylor Walters

2 days ago

I did 7 readiness assessments and scored “very high” on each one consecutively. I passed my NCLEX-RN in 85 questions! Highly recommend Archer as it looked exactly the same as the testing software.


2 days ago

I used Archer and followed the 3 week plan. I did 85 questions every am. Watch the short videos on subjects I needed to review. Readiness exam every 3 to 4 days. The last week I did 85 questions in th...See More

Christin Meadows

2 days ago

I passed my RN and LPN NCLEX using archer the first time!!!! At first I was skeptical if the four in a row “high or very highs” was accurate but let me tell you how glad I was to be proven wrong! I pe...See More

Enelda Troya-martinez

2 days ago

I used archer for a week before my NCLEX and passed stopped at 85 questions the archer questions were just like the Nclex i def recommend Archer

Kayla Bowman

2 days ago

I used Archer for 3 weeks averaging 15-85 questions a day. Archer was the ONLY resource I used, and I passed my NCLEX in 85 questions on my very first attempt. I believe that the readiness assessments...See More

Rebecca Fox

2 days ago

Archer was a great NCLEX prep tool! I did a readiness assessment every day until my NCLEX to really mimic the exam and felt that Archer was extremely similar to the NCLEX. I felt like I was just takin...See More

Trenadee Tyree

2 days ago

Archer was so easy to use, I love the set up and different ways to study. My NCLEX was set up exactly like the Archer questions I had been doing! I passed first try in 85 questions thanks to Archer

Haley Wiles

2 days ago

My experience with Archer provided me with exactly what I needed to feel prepared for and pass NCLEX-RN. I purchased the 180 day question bank +1reset/unlimited CAT and Readiness exams. I found all ar...See More

Sofia Oratowski

2 days ago

I passed on my first try! Archer was set up exactly like the NCLEX and Archer's practice questions prepared me well!

Mykia Durham

2 days ago

I saw for the NCLEX on Tuesday and found out Thursday that I passed. No matter what you’re nervous but I truly could not have done it without Archer. I will ALWAYS recommend!!!

Jay Vee Ampo

2 days ago

Archer review was a big help to me in passing the NCLEX for the first time. I have not really watch the video lectures but in my less than a month of doing CAT and readiness assessment i believe it r...See More

Kimberly DeFabis

2 days ago

I used strictly archer to study for my NCLEX-RN. I used 75% of their question bank and followed their 6 week study plan. I passed my NCLEX in 85 questions. If you're on the fence PLEASE TRUST ME USE A...See More