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Alexis Gonzalez

13 hours ago

Studied archers 6 week plan, loved how they had a calendar organized for you to follow and keep yourself on track cause for someone like me I needed guidance and direction to stay focused. Went throug...See More

Trishana Wright

18 hours ago

Archer helped me a lot, this was my 3rd time taking this exam. I used o my archer to study, I watched all the videos on the site and completed the questions. The exam was like taking a readiness exam ...See More

Taqueria Martin

19 hours ago

Archer review is awesome. For me it prepared me more than any other material I studied. I love the questions and rationale that were given to me in order for me to get prepared for my nclex. For 3-4 w...See More


20 hours ago

Thank you so much archer review team.l did my exams on 28/2/24 and passed at 95 questions and it was my first attempt. I could recommend archer to anyone going to to do the exams. The videos the ques...See More

Mary Rose Artiaga

20 hours ago

I passed Nclex at 85. I trust Archer even on my 2nd attempt. The live case study/lectures in surepass combo helps me a lot. Archer guides me on how to study, to answer and to pass.

Madison Olson

20 hours ago

Started studying a mom before the exam and bought Archer. With every practice exam I took I got better each time! It gave me confidence that I was ready to take the NCLEX.

Reachel Ordillas

20 hours ago

Archer review help me gain my confidence during the exam. This was my foundation and I think archer is enough for being able to pass the exam. The study courses were very helpful. I did 1month tutor...See More

AnnaMarie Caberoy

a day ago

I would like to express my heartfelt grattitude to Archer Review Team for being the backbone to my success in passing my NCLEX-RN exam. I used the Intense Prep of archer for 3 months with 6 weeks of f...See More

Laurinell PoitierWebb

a day ago

I was beyond pleased with the quality of the lectures, questions and explanations provided through the NCLEX RN review course. This was my main study source. I stuck to the study plan, put in the work...See More

Gagandeep Nirmann

a day ago

I passed my RN HESI exit exam with good score and now time to go for NCLEX .Best review to know your content !!!!!!!!

Myra Mago

a day ago

Passed my NCLEX-RN last 2/27/2024. Archer Review was a great help with my success. Their Questions bank was very helpful. I did Readiness Test daily on my last 2 weeks before the exam. Their lecture ...See More

Diana Cruz

a day ago

Archer was the only resource I used to study for the NCLEX. The question format is very similar to the NCLEX. Passed on my first try in 85 questions !

Rahma Khalif

a day ago

I passed NCLEX on my first try in 85 questions. Archer was helpful and nclex was similar archer in my opinion. Archer prepared me to think through questions and was great in terms of content review as...See More


a day ago

Jackline k I used Archer review for 21 days, did readiness and CAT test at least 85 questions each day, took my test yesterday and I passed in 85 questions, Archer has the same pattern of questions...See More

Stephanie Andre

2 days ago

I just passed my NClex using Archer. Archer is goat .