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Matthew Powell

3 days ago

Archer provided comprehensive review videos and applicable practice questions to help prepare me for my NCLEX! I enjoyed their statistics regarding first time pass rate for testers who performed well ...See More

Kamaya Smith

3 days ago

Only used archer for about 3 weeks before having to take my NCLEX. It was a game changer for sure! This program boosted my confidence exponentially after using their readiness exams and CAT exams. It ...See More

Shakrh Ruffin

3 days ago

Thank you archer i passed my nclex 102 questions first take i did not follow a study plan i studied for 3 months and watched the 3 days live review 3 days before my test remember to always know they w...See More

Jo Si

3 days ago

First of all I would like to thank God, who has been faithful in my life. Then , from the root of my heart thank you Morgan. OMG Morgan, it is thanks to you that I passed my exam. The way you bro...See More

Olamide Ojemen

3 days ago

I took my exam on the 24th of February and passed on 85 questions. I did 4 CATs and 3 readiness practice exams before I took the NCLEX, I’m so grateful for Archer. Thank God and thanks to the entire A...See More

Jordan Walsh

3 days ago

Passed the NCLEX in 85 questions with archer!! Did the 6 week study guide and it helped me organize everything that was KEY for the NGN. Was very overwhelmed before studying but Archer really laid out...See More

Leticia Boahene

4 days ago

I passed my NCLEX successful at 85 in less than 2 hours. Thanks to the Archer team. I graduated in 2012 and this was my first NCLEX test.

Sharon Auditor

4 days ago

Thank you so much Archer Instructors! Pass on 85 Questions . I felt confident and prepared during the exam and able to answer questions with ease. Highly recommend Archer Intense Prep for your US NCL...See More

Sharon A

4 days ago

Thank you so much Archer Instructors! Pass on 85 Questions using an Intense Prep Review online. I felt confident and prepared during the exam and able to answer questions with ease. I highly recom...See More

Michael Dela Paz

4 days ago

It has bee a struggle for me… i had been out of practice for 10 years… imagine the difficulties i had understanding the new nursing trends today…. Using archer’s surepass combo trully had made a diffe...See More

Alisha Barber

4 days ago

I was hesitant on purchasing archer but i decided to invest in myself on my Nclex prep and I’m so glad i did! The wording, format structure and look were so similar to the Exam. As I sat and took my N...See More

May McEntire

4 days ago

Passed my nclex first try

Giana Demaria

4 days ago

After graduation I had so many thoughts on which post grad program to use to help me study for the NCLEX. I was told by several different people about how great Archer was and how it helped them pass....See More

Shimna Joy

4 days ago

Archer is really amazing! I followed 12 wks Archer study plan and did almost 90% questions. I passed NCLEX RN on my first attempt @ 85 questions. Highly recommend Archer!!

Christianne Owunna

5 days ago

Archer is exactly like the NCLEX! I did 2 CATs —both passed in 85— 5 readiness assessments (all scored high/very high). I finished my exam in 85 questions and knew for a fact that I passed and I did! ...See More