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Delve into our treasure trove of inspiring testimonials from successful NCLEX students. Witness firsthand how Archer Review's bespoke exam preparation tools and resources have transformed their NCLEX journey, powering them to achieve their career dreams.





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Olajumoke Daniel

2 days ago

Thank You Archer! I passed with 85 questions at first attempt. Would highly recommend Archer Review to friends.

Kayla Fitzgerald

2 days ago

Passed my NCLEX in 85 questions all thanks to the team at Archer! Archer’s Q-BANK resembled NCLEX style questions perfectly. Thanks, Archer!

Amy Brinager

3 days ago

Archer more than prepared me for my NCLEX experience. I began studying with Archer in December and graduated on June 8. I took the NCLEX on June 17 and passed with the minimum of 85 questions. I am st...See More

Jaycielyn Medina

3 days ago

I did the 3 weeks Calendar plan, and I feel like it was a great review as well as having continuous exposure to questions. Following the calendar to a tea and reviewing all the concepts really prepar...See More

Taylee Tallman

3 days ago

I love how easy archer is to navigate! Not to mention how many resources are available! The readiness assessments and CAT assessments are SO beneficial and really helped prepare me for my NCLEX! The r...See More

Angelina Diab

3 days ago

Archer was the closest to the NCLEX! Question format and content. Use their study schedule and finish ALL questions!

Ava Andersen

3 days ago

I finally got Archer after hearing 6 of my friends from nursing school who used it and passed the NCLEX in 85 questions on their first try!! I took the NCLEX after using archer for 2 weeks and passed ...See More

Shyno Sebastian

3 days ago

Archer study preparation is very effective almost same as like exam model,thank you Archer for helping me to pass exam.

Charlee Harvey

3 days ago

I purchased the discounted combo for 30 days and used the 3 week calendar to study. I did so many practice questions in tutorial mode and was exposed to a lot of new medications, some of those I saw o...See More

Leah Kalden

3 days ago

Absolutely loved Archer! Did the entire question bank over the span of about 1.5 months, in particular CAT/readiness assessments. Passed my NCLEX in 85 questions on the first try!

Carle Joseph

3 days ago

I used archer and all it’s available resources to prepare for my NCLEX exam and after successfully passing all practice readiness’s assessments and CAT exams and using the videos to review various top...See More

Jayce Cicchino

3 days ago

I passed NCLEX first try in 120 questions! Archer really helped me trust the process and feel confident in my knowledge. Not only does Archer enhance your learning but it makes sure you can trust your...See More

Lindsay McCain

3 days ago

Archer is the BEST form of studying when it comes to the NCLEX! Passed on my first attempt and I used Archer’s readiness and CAT exams, along with the On-Demand videos! Very thankful for the Archer te...See More

Kylee Erickson

3 days ago

I completed the 6 weeks course. If you are committed to the schedule you will feel very confident going into the NCLEX. The real exam and archer looks so similar! I passed my first time with the 85 q...See More

Michael Papa

3 days ago

The CAT and readiness quiz’s, and the on demand videos really helped!!