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Dariauna Robinson

a year ago

I took my NCLEX-RN on June 1st. I passed in 85 questions. I used Archer 3 week study plan. The content review videos were very helpful and I completed multiple readiness assessments and CAT exams. Tha...See More

Sheray Clemmons

a year ago

Archer was great I Passed my nclex at 132 questions . I took my test June 1st

Danielle Holmes

a year ago

I took my NLCEX on July 1, 2023 and I passed with 85 questions . I purchased the question bank for 30 days . I did about 200 questions daily . I really loved the readiness assessments . I appreciate t...See More

nursing student

a year ago

Thanks to Archer I passed the NCLEX in 85 questions! The readiness assessments and CAT exams feel exactly like the NCLEX.

maafoo james

a year ago

I used archer to prep for the nclex. My exam cut off at 85 and i passed. Archer was very good in preparing me for the NCLEX-RN exam

Laura DenBeste

a year ago

I took the NCLEX on 6/2/23 and passed in 85 questions. Bought the 60 day archer experience with only 35 days to study. I enjoyed the NGN questions and the rationales were wonderful. I learned a lot. T...See More

Unique Jefferson

a year ago

I took my NCLEX RN June 2nd and I cut off at the minimum amount of questions. I found out June 4th is that I passed. Archer is a great study tool for anyone preparing to take an NCLEX exam.

Alana Young

a year ago

Hi, I studied for 3 weeks using ArcherReview and 90% of the Q-Bank and passed my NCLEX-RN on June 1st in 85 questions and felt very confident. Would definitely recommend!

Macy Arn

a year ago

I took my NCLEX NGN June 2nd and passed in 85 questions! 100% believe Archer prepares you for this exam and covered almost every single topic on my exam and the layout of the readiness exams and CAT e...See More

Carolyn Colon

a year ago

Thanks to Archer I passed my NCLEX on the first try with just 85 questions.

Deyn Yel

a year ago

Hello! I'm from Philippines and I would like to share my experience with ArcherReview in passing NCLEX-RN NGN in first take last May 2023. I used Archer's discounted combo for 2 months and I am thankf...See More

Joel Lickiayo

a year ago

I took my NCLEX-RN June 1st, and passed in 85 questions. I used Archer less than a month and it had helped me to study since the actual NCLEX and Archer are so much alike. I recommend using Archer to ...See More

Anna Paula Hernandez

a year ago

This is my 2nd attempt. I graduated 16yrs ago, year 2007. First try to take the exam last Nov 2022 but unfortunately I failed. My friend recommended Archer. I purchased the surepass combo. I watched t...See More

Erica Beasley

a year ago

I used Archer for about a month and i passed my NCLEX. Second time i took it and i passed. Thank you Archer

Skylar Rowe

a year ago

I took my NGN NCLEX-RN exam on June 1, 2023, and passed with 85 questions. I studied with Archer from May 10th to the day before my exam and followed the 3-week plan. I was above the peer average for ...See More