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14 years ago

Dr. Red, thank you for your lectures and effort to teach us. I used kaplan and uw q banks but the most useful were you lectures!!! Really I am a big fan of them! super lectures, super ccs workshop, su...See More


14 years ago

I used your lectures and CCS Workshops. Your style of explanation is great and it sticks. I passed my step 3 and scored 89. Thank you very much for your immense help and mentoring. You rock!

Yelena Badalova

14 years ago

Dr. Red, Due to your highly effective help I have finally passed my USMLE Step 3. You have my gratitude. Yelena Badalova, licensed, M.D.


14 years ago

I just got my result. I passed. Thank you so much for the CCS Workshop which I think made the whole difference. Like you said, i did get a very high performance on the CCS


14 years ago

Dr. Red, Thanks so much. I just got my score today 96/226, the highest of all of my steps. I was panicking about the CCS portion of Step 3, but luckily found your ccs workshop a couple of days befor...See More

Sravanthi Marella

14 years ago

Hello I am looking forward for Acher full length step 3 . Can you please provide me with the price details and procedure for registering. I have taken ccs workshop last month and really liked it. Th...See More

Kenneth Rich

14 years ago

I heard about you through a friend I met via USMLE World Blog. Though her recommendation, I took the Galaxy CCS Review Course, which I found very good. Kenneth Rich


14 years ago

Thank you very much for your great CCS course and lectures, one of the most compact highyield information foir Step 3. I am happy to tell you that I passed with 92 on my step 3. I took your course in ...See More

Muthu Kumar

14 years ago

HI Dr.Red Archer, I got my step 3 results last week. i have passed with a score of 84/204. Am very happy , your ccs workshop and theory lectures were very much helpful for my exam preparations. I got ...See More

David Adewole

14 years ago

Very concise lecture.This is a very good high yield material great work sir

R Gail Woodiel Brown-Rose

14 years ago

CCS Pay per view helped me pass USMLE Step 3. Well worth the time and money - R Gail Woodiel Brown-Rose

Mayank Roy

14 years ago

Hello Dr. Archer. Thanks for the CCS course. I passed STEP with 90 percentile with a minimum effort. Mayank

Genevieve Dulan

14 years ago

It was fantastic. The resources are right on the money and you don't waste one cent. Keep up with the lectures and especially the CCS cases and you won't go wrong. Listen to his words! Every word equa...See More

Monica Chaturvedi

14 years ago

The workshop is a really good introduction to computer-based case simulations. The 'webinar' format is very convenient to those who are short on time, fairly interactive, and right on target. I would ...See More

Mike Feferman

14 years ago

Thank you very much !! My son had used your workshop and passed the USMLE STEP3 . Let me please know if you need me to feel out any good feedback. I don't have enough words to tell you how much you he...See More