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15 years ago

Dear Dr Red, I hope you are doing well, just wanted to let u know that, I took my step 3 last month again and got my result yesterday, I passed it this time with the score of 82. Thanks to you as I sc...See More


15 years ago

Hello Dr Red if i can jon your tommorows CCS workshop..i saw 2 slots available.


15 years ago

I used Archer DVD lectures and used to watch these at least 5 hours a day. For three weeks, I spent viewing this lectures alone and it did pay off. Your lecture style was captivating so I watched thes...See More


15 years ago

Thanks for the course, I passed, had above average on CCS, this is my second attempt and on the first one I was below average; Only difference between the two is that I prepared with your course.... T...See More


15 years ago

Dear Dr. Red, I passed my Step 3 with a 213/89 today!!! Your review classes (Rapid Review and the CCS) were the first time I've ever done anything like that for my USMLE preparation, and it really sho...See More


15 years ago

Dear Dr.Red, I received my results and have cleared the step 3 exams. I got a score of 79 , though i did expect a little more ( i thought i would get around 82 to 85) , it is a big relief that i passe...See More

Mayank Roy

15 years ago

Dear Dr. Red, Thanks for the excellent interactive CCS session. I am planning to give Step 3 after few months but it has definitely given me a head start and a method along which I should prepare. Eve...See More

Nelson Cordero

15 years ago

Hello Dr. Red, I don't know if you remember me. I took your April lectures. I received my Step 3 report today and I passed. I would like to thank you for this lectures that really worked for me to pas...See More

seetharam mannem

15 years ago

Dear Dr. Red, How r u?. I passed step-3 exam. Your lectures are very helpful. Eventhough I made mistakes on second day because of fatigue at the end, I passed. Rapid review helped me to answer MCQ's w...See More


15 years ago

when is the next course?


15 years ago

I took the exam right after the Rapid Review course and found almost everything has been covered and the course was EXTREMELY helpful to find the right answer in the real exam. However, please try to ...See More


15 years ago

rapid review wasvery detailed with regard to Highly tested material, clears the concepts and even helful day to day care of the patients as a resident, eg-- Awesome how to manage the supratherapeutic ...See More


15 years ago

Hi Dr. Red, Thank you for outstanding presentation of the CCS workshop yesterday, April 23, 2009! I trust that you are s-o-o-o-thing your vocal cords:)! By the way...your voice is bright & vivid-- whi...See More


15 years ago

Thank you Dr. Red, your Rapid review lecture has given me motivation and knowledge to takle step 3 head-on! Ravi


15 years ago

Thanks for your terrific Rapid Review this weekend, it was really useful!