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Srinivas G

13 years ago

Thank You so much for your time and patience with all of our questions. You rock Doc. srinivas


13 years ago

Hello Dr. Red. I just took your CCS workshop live session and it was very helpful. Thank you so much. Is there any way I can speak to you. Need some advice.


13 years ago

Thank you very much for your help. These lectures are really awesome and extremely helpful for Step 3 preparation. Best regards, Hirva


13 years ago

Hi Dr.Red, I have passed my STEP-3 with decent score. Your CCS workshop and PPV lectures def. helped me a lot for my preparation. Thanks a lot. I recommend your workshop and lectures to everyone. Than...See More


13 years ago

I am planning to take Step 3 end of July. I would like to get the 23hrs archives of past CCS session. please can you detail me the content? I will also appreciate any piece of advice and information....See More


13 years ago

Dr. Red, I passed my step 3 after reviewing your lectures, which were very helpful. My husband has to give his step 2ck i'n the next two months. He did not do well the first time and needs a good ...See More

Nancy Forman

13 years ago

Dr. Red, I am so impressed with your service and the content is amazing. Thank you for extending the hours so I can watch more than once. I just finished the CSS review - the 9 hour one. I w...See More


13 years ago

Hello Dr Red, I am really a big fan of your CCS lectures, it is very simple and highly informative. I have gone through almost whole of the audios, but in between i had fallen sick and i could not k...See More


13 years ago

Hi, I wanted to give you my feedback as I had Hi, I Hi, I wanted to give you my feedback to your team. I benefited immensely from listening to the archer lecture series including the CCS workshop. It...See More


13 years ago

Dear Archer Team, I subscribed to PPV for step3. I absolutely love the content. Due to my 2 small kids I am unable to watch a lot but the things I did were very informative and current. Thanks CCS tea...See More


13 years ago

Dear Sir, Hope all is well at your end. I did your class on saturday from India and it was very useful. I really appreciate the effort you take to make CCS managable..A few days back I h...See More


13 years ago

Dear Dr. Red, Thanks for the seminar. Hopefully this time I will do better on the cases. Thanks, Shalini


13 years ago

Dr. Red and staff, I'd like to thank you kindly for a wonderful CCS workshop last saturday. Having taken the exam twice before I think your tips and approach are instrumental, and in retroscpect I se...See More


13 years ago

Would you please tell me how do I register for Dr Red CCS workshop.


13 years ago

Can you tell me is it better to take the live CS course or the old streaming ones since they have cases form 2 previous worshops and a combined 23 hrs or is the live one just as thorough and I need no...See More