3 Day Live Review

Ready to assemble the puzzle pieces and challenge your knowledge? It's time for the three-day live review! Dive into a dynamic, interactive session led by the best in the field, covering the most frequently tested NCLEX subjects. Engage in real-time practice questions, compete for prizes, work through an interactive workbook, and cap it off with a mock NCLEX exam. In just 3 days, you'll condense all the vital NCLEX concepts, ensuring you're fully prepared to excel.


What is the 3-Day Live Review?

A three-day crash course covering all the most essential topics you'll surely see on the NCLEX. Packed with practice questions and interactive scenarios, it's more than just a lecture—it's an engaging learning experience.


Experience the ultimate review with our top-notch nursing team! They'll dive into high-yield NCLEX concepts, practice questions with you, share test strategies, and answer your queries in real time. Our nursing instructors only teach about their specialties - because there’s nothing like a CVICU nurse walking you through a case study about a client having an MI…. asking you what you would do, and sparking critical thinking on the spot. You'll feel their passion and genuine commitment to your success shining through!

Instructor Interaction

This isn't your typical lecture! The 3-day live review is an active experience where you participate fully. Engage in polls, chime in on practice questions, role-play case studies, and complete a dynamic workbook. Plus, there are prizes to win! With multiple instructors live, no question goes unanswered. It's an immersive learning journey!

Day 1

  • (8 hours session, including breaks)
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    Building Blocks (NCLEX Test Plan, ABGs, Fluid and Electrolytes)
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    System-wise Adult Health (Cardiac, Respiratory)
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    Test Taking Strategies (Delegation)

Day 2

  • (8 hours session, including breaks)
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    System-wise Adult Health (Endocrine, Sepsis, Renal, Neuro, GI)
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    Test-Taking Strategies (Prioritization)

Day 3

  • (8 hours session, including breaks)
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    Specialties (Child Health, Maternal Health (Ante partum, L & D, Postpartum) Newborn health, Mental health, Burns)
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    Test-taking strategies (NGN case Study/Mock NCLEX)

Interactive eBook

Welcome to your ultimate study companion!

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    Embark on a dynamic learning journey with our immersive eBook designed exclusively for your 3-day live review.

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    This comprehensive digital resource is your one-stop shop for maximizing the live review experience.

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    Dive into detailed notes that perfectly align with the review sessions, tackle practice questions to reinforce your understanding, explore engaging case studies, and actively participate with fill-in-the-blank components.

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    Stay fully engaged throughout the live review by filling out the eBook in real-time, and enjoy the flexibility to refer back to your personalized notes long after the review concludes..

Learning Made Fun

Get ready for a 3-day live review that's not just educational but downright FUN!

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    We're transforming NCLEX reviews with interactive elements that make learning a blast.

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    You'll use your phone to scan a QR code, answer questions, and navigate case studies.

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    Watch as your answers and participation light up the screen alongside your fellow students, earn points for every correct answer, compete with your peers, and set your sights on fantastic prizes.

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    It's not just about mastering the material; it's about actually enjoying your review experience.




3-day Live Review Only

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