NCLEX Live 3-Day Rapid NGN Review Webinar SURE-PASS

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Morgan Taylor



Lexie Garber



Rachel Taylor


Date & Timing

calender-icon04 Dec 2024
03:00 PM to 11:00 PM (CUT)
calender-icon05 Dec 2024
03:00 PM to 11:00 PM (CUT)
calender-icon06 Dec 2024
03:00 PM to 11:00 PM (CUT)
NCLEX Live 3-Day Rapid NGN Review Webinar SURE-PASS

Welcome to Archer Review, your ultimate partner in conquering the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exams. Our mission is simple: to provide effective and accessible test preparation for every aspiring nurse. By blending our comprehensive crash courses with Archer's renowned NCLEX Qbank and multiple readiness assessments, we offer a path to success that is both efficient and budget-friendly.

Introducing the Archer SMART Method: Simplify Your Study, Maximize Results

Our SMART approach to studying is SIMPLE yet powerful. Dive into high-yield and frequently tested topics, completing a thorough review in just 24 hours. This intensive focus enhances your grasp of essential concepts, equipping you with the confidence to tackle the NCLEX head-on. Follow this up with targeted quizzes from Archer's extensive Question Bank, featuring mock exams and readiness assessments that gauge and predict your likelihood of passing.

Webinar Objectives: Comprehensive Coverage, Interactive Learning

  1. Comprehensive Review: Thoroughly explore all key NCLEX concepts across various systems and lessons, aligned with the NCLEX test plan.
  2. Engaging Quizzes: Engage in challenging quizzes after each topic. Participate actively by answering questions and partaking in Q&A sessions. This interactive approach ensures concept clarity and solidifies your understanding.

Three-Day Live Review: Structured Learning, Focused Topics

  1. Day 1 (8-hour session, including breaks)
  2. Fundamental Concepts: NCLEX Test Plan, ABGs, Fluid and Electrolytes
  3. Focused Adult Health: Cardiac, Respiratory
  4. Strategy Insights: Delegation Techniques
  5. Day 2 (8-hour session, including breaks)
  6. Comprehensive Adult Health: Endocrine, Sepsis, Renal, Neuro, GI
  7. Strategic Learning: Prioritization Skills
  8. Day 3 (8-hour session, including breaks)
  9. Specialized Topics: Child Health, Maternal Health (Antepartum, L & D, Postpartum, Newborn Health, Mental Health, Burns)
  10. Exam Strategies: Mock NCLEX Preparation

Exclusive Offer: $50 for LIVE REVIEW ONLY

This offer includes a 3-Day Live Only Review and an extensive 250+ page workbook, providing exceptional value.

Enhanced Learning Package: "Sure-Pass" Combo

For a comprehensive learning experience, subscribe to our "Sure-Pass" combo at ArcherReview.com/nclex-rn-combo. This package includes the question bank, assessments, CAT, video recordings of the live review, topic-specific videos, and access to the 3-day live review. Subscribers post-December 6th to the "SURE-PASS COMBO" will automatically receive a webinar link upon purchase.

Archer Review: Your Pathway to NCLEX Mastery.